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Buying Your First Car? Making Decisions

<p>After what probably seems like a lifetime of learning to drive you have finally passed your test and are looking forward to the independence. But there are a lot of things to think about before you jump in. Unless you've been lucky enough to learn to drive in your own car the likely hood is you'll need to look for a car once you've passed.</p>
<p>Money constraints are likely to mean you will have to get a used car, not only will a used car be cheaper to buy than a new one but it'll also be cheaper to insure. This is also the reason why most first cars are small cars with small engines. Big, powerful cars are not suitable for inexperienced drivers either as they are harder to control and harder to park!</p>
<p>The budget for your first car needs to take into account the price of the car, insurance, tax and any extra you may require for breakdown cover or repairs. Don't rush into buying just anything because you are keen to exploit your new found freedom, make sure you do your research first.</p>
<p>You should decide what you will need the car for- will you mainly be nipping around town or driving long distance? Cars with smaller engines will generally be cheaper to buy and insure but they may not be suitable if you are planning on driving long distances on a daily basis, a diesel car is generally more economical for longer journeys. Check out how many miles per gallon the car does, this will tell you how economical it is.</p>
<p>It's also important you know how much the car should cost, and decide how much you would be willing to pay based on this, so you don't get ripped off. At this point you should decide if want to be able to carry five passengers or are happy with 4, and if you would prefer 5 doors to 3? You might not think these are as important as how much it costs or how the car looks but you will find these affect how the car is used.</p>
<p>It might be worth looking at reliability scores and information to. Although there is always a greater risk with used cars, it'll be worth finding out what cars to avoid either because they breakdown a lot or cost a lot to repair. According to research by Warranty Direct the Peugeot 207 is the most reliable used car you can buy. Only 4% of 207s covered by the warranty provider break down in an average year, that's just 1 in 17.</p>
<p>To avoid being sold a €dodgy' car make sure you check the car thoroughly and ask to see any MOT records, cars with full service history are likely to be better maintained. Take a trusted friend or your parents along if you are not confident with this. It is recommended you also do a HPI check on all used cars in York, this will tell you if the car is fraudulent i.e. if there is outstanding finance, has been stolen, is a write off or cloned car.</p>
<p>Another thing to note is the mileage. A car that has done less than 30,000 miles is classed as a €low mileage' car, it's likely to cost more than one which has done 70,000 miles but will have experienced wear and tear, that's why they used cars in York with low mileage are so popular. Whatever car you settle on, make sure you drive sensibly. Many new drivers are involved in accidents within 6 months of learning to drive, ensure that's not you!</p>

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