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Environmental Benefits of Used Cars: Less Carbon Emission - Autos - Cars

<p>From a green perspective, it definitely makes sense to maintain a used car and get good mileage from it. No matter how efficient in gas consumption new cars may be, they still bear heavy environmental costs because of their manufacturing and delivery process. In the same manner, old cars which are no longer practical for driving add up in the large heap of garbage that most pounding sites have trouble recycling.</p>

<p>In a study done by an automobile brand, as much as 28% of the total carbon dioxide emissions in cars are generated from the manufacturing and transporting process. The remaining percentage is emitted when the car is already being used. Thus, some industry experts believe buying new cars are more wasteful compared to buying used ones.</p>

<p>They even argue that this is true even for hybrid cars, which are boasted to be environment friendly. As a matter of fact, assembling two engines for hybrid cars one for recharging batteries and the other for gasoline have a twofold environmental impact. Although they do not use much gasoline, they go through the same process of manufacturing as non-hybrid cars. So, cars emit carbon dioxide regardless if car manufacturers assemble hybrid cars or not.</p>

<p>On the other hand, it is not enough to buy a used car right away since there are secondhand car motors which are already severely old and no longer advisable for use. Example of this is a two-decade old car with engine problems and poor muffler maintenance. Though it may be a used car, it is beyond repair when it comes to its engine and would defeat the purpose of lessening carbon emissions. Some car dealers that offer Toronto Mazda 3 units have a wide range of used cars which are of excellent condition.</p>

<p>Some countries, like Britain, have scrapped the re-selling of cars which are ten years or older. Thus, if you are looking for a used car, make sure that it was manufactured in less than five years. Also, conduct your own research prior to purchasing used cars to have a better idea of what you are looking for. You can also learn about different used car loans Ontario dealerships offer and get the used car you want without much financial hassle.</p>

<p>For drivers who are sensitive about carbon emission, there are helpful websites to assist you in evaluating your mileage and gas consumption. These sites work as calculators that compute your car's gas usage and carbon emission. Car experts familiar with the latest vehicles in the market such as the Toronto Mazda 3 can also help you when it comes to details you need to know about your used car.

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