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Setting up a Double Din Car PC - Autos - Cars

<p>DIN follows International standard ISO for car audio head units (German standard). Head units generally prepared in either single DIN (180 x 50 mm) or Double DIN (180 x 100 mm) size. The depth will be left to the manufactures preference and depends on their requirement. There are few ways to mount the PC. It purely depends on the installers, user's choice. The following are few ways to mound the Car PC.</p>

<p>Complete Double Din Car PC mounted in dashThis setup is easy to install and neat. The motherboard normally a Mini-ITX or smaller than the Mini-ITX (Nano-ITX, or PICO ITX) is preferred will be mounted into the Double Din setup itself. Other main components like HDD, CD, DVD, LCD Monitor, will be setup together as a single Double DIN Car PC setup. For other devices can be connected via USB. Other than the PC components amplifier, LCD monitor, other connectors with respective circuits will also be included inside. Hence it avoids running cables like USB, VGA, and audio out to amplifier from trunk to dash will not be necessary. Even though this setup is simpler, there are few tradeoffs. Mainly when you wish to do some changes in the PC, we need to dismantle everything from the dash. Heat management is very tedious as the whole setup is very compact.</p>

<p>Double Din LCD Monitor and Amplifier mounted in dashCurrently I followed this setup. When I was searched the possibilities of this kind of setup, I found a Double DIN VGA LCD monitor along with amplifier in online auction site. I preferred this as I was assembling each setup myself right from PSU to monitor. Since it is fully my custom setup, I would like to have some control on the Car PC. Now my pc is under the co driver seat and I ran VGA, Power, USB, Audio cables. Though the setup may not be simpler, I can detach the PC anytime to my desk to do some changes. Few problem I am facing currently is, are power off/on not available at the dash. While there are few options available in the double din setup, it is bit of trouble to configure this. Another issue is, as far I know all the amplifiers are just stereo or four channel.</p>

<p>Mount only double din monitor in dashThere are few kits available in the market for just fastening the LCD monitors with touch panel kit. So far this is the most configurable setup. However installation for specific car makes is a head ache as mounting the LCD requires a good workshop with a knowledgeable installer(who fascinates doing this kind of things). Otherwise we end up in wasting all efforts. If installed successfully, the entire Car PC system is configurable, upgradeable and easily maintainable. The biggest disadvantage is powering up all the devices and configuring the entire system's power management is very cumbersome and time taking.</p>

<p>Double Din Car PC CaseRecently in the market I could see some Double Din Car PC case available. Normally these cases are bit small in size to enclose a Mini-ITX. But should be good for pico ITX mother boards along with powersupply and LCD circuit. If you are good in arranging boards in a compact manner, still a 4 channel amplifier can be placed with sufficient Heat sinks. </p>

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