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Cutting the Cost of a New Car - Autos - Cars

<p>A lot of people may find that they want to buy a new car but can find it difficult to afford a brand new one especially since even the smallest of run-about cars are around the 10,000 mark to begin with. This has unsurprisingly seen a lot of people looking to different ways to afford a newer vehicle than the one they currently own.</p>

<p>One way is to choose a used car instead; sometimes you can get real bargains such as a used car that may have only been owned by someone for only a short time and returned or sold it such as not being able to afford payments or simple not liking the car once they got it. Another scenario is getting an older model car but finding that the mileage is strangely low, some owners rarely use their cars and so you can find some older cars that can be a good purchase because they will not require too much maintenance and looking after.</p>

<p>One other option is to part exchange your old car towards the cost of your new car. Part exchanges have been around for a long time, if your car has kept most of its original value then you could get a sizeable amount off the ticket price for the car you've had your eye on but bearing in mind how quickly cars depreciate you may not see this as a big saving, especially with older cars.</p>

<p>Selling older cars may be your best option, there are plenty of first time drivers out there looking for a safe, older car that is cheap enough for them to buy and you can clear the space in your garage or driveway to make way for your new car.</p>

<p>Last year the car scrappage scheme worked wonders in getting older and less efficient vehicles off the road but also getting you huge discounts off the cost of a new, greener vehicle. The government as well as the car manufacturer contributed towards the cost of these new cars in return for being able to scrap your older car. Whilst this scheme is sadly no longer running many manufacturer's are capitalising on the idea by offering similar deals so it is worth enquiring if there is any chance your old car could earn you a little discount too.</p>

<p>Your older car may possess features and quirks that you will miss, this is often why many people will purchase a newer model of the car they currently have as they are used to this model and won't have such a steep learning curve of where all the buttons and switches are when they first drive the new car off the forecourt. </p>

<p>Make sure when buying any new car whether they are new or used cars that you visit a reputable car dealer who will be able to assist you with your purchase and not pressure you into a sale.

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