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<p>Few markets can say that they have benefited from the slowdown in the economy over the last several years, but the used car market is one that certainly can. Among the myriad of problems that beset the American consumer following the meltdown in the financial markets was a dramatic cutback in credit from banks in the form of consumer loans for cars and homes, and the other was the dramatic increase in unemployment. Both of these financial woes for the consumer contributed to a slowdown in the market for new cars but conversely sparked demand in the used car market.</p>

<p>Consumers that once flocked to buy or lease a new car are now turning to the auto repair shop to get a few more miles from their older vehicle and for many buying a used car makes the most sense of all. However, not all used cars are alike and the consumer, now well-educated by their access to a variety of Internet Web sites grading all of the cars on the market based on their resale value, showed a definite inclination toward some of the best value models available.</p>

<p>Topping the list of what are perhaps the top ten used automobiles on the market is the 2004 - 2009 Hyundai Elantra. This compact sedan was completely redesigned in 2001 and is said to be a peppy, smooth riding vehicle that is solidly built, reliable (always a good thing in a used car) and great on fuel. The Nissan Altima circa 2004-2009 also grades out very well among used cars, especially after being made a bit roomier than earlier versions of the Altima. TheV-6 engine delivers great performance in the Altima while the 2007 was restyled with more features similar to its more expensive relative the Infinity. In addition to the more handsome styling of the Altima, it also comes with more soft-touch materials and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that gives the Altima a much smoother ride.</p>

<p>When it comes to larger sedans the Hyundai once again is a consumer favorite with the Azera mentioned most for its unexpected luxury for a modest price tag. It may look a little like a Sonata but underneath you'll find a premium mix of comfort and convenience and a much richer appearance. Not that surprising among the best used cars on the market is one from the luxury class of carmakers, the BMW 3 Series. This coup is everything a coup should be in that it is classy and practical at the same time. It boasts of being the best of both a sports car and a sedan making it a consumer favorite on the used car market.</p>

<p>Used car buyers generally seek a practical vehicle but that doesn't stop them from adding a ragtop to the mix and topping the best used car list for convertibles is the 2004-2009 Mazda Miata. This little two-seater is a big seller and often hard to find on the used car market because they are so darn popular. It steers like a dream, has an ultra-friendly automatic transmission, and who can deny that the best way to drive on a sunny day is with the top down. Mini wagons are also a big hit with used car buyers and the one they chose most often is the 2004-2009 Pontiac Vibe. This roomy wagon is stylish and practical and can be had for a lot less money than the Toyota Matrix, which is a similarly designed vehicle but more expensive.</p>

<p>SUV's are as popular as any car on the road today and therefor no list of the top used vehicles on the market would make sense without including the Honda CRV. This favorite of the American consumer is efficient all the way around. In terms of space, fuel consumption, and ease of ownership, the CRV is one of the most sought-after used cars on the market. People looking for something a little larger in an SUV are drawn most to the Ford Explorer, an icon in the SUV class. This is comfort, utility, and rugged efficiency all under one hood.</p>

<p>Larger still is the Chevy Tahoe but that doesn't mean that it is any less popular with the American consumer, who year after year seem drawn to larger cabins, more head room, and the power that only a big V-8 and a living room-like interior can deliver. Last but not least among our top ten used cars on the market is from the minivan class of cars and trucks. Yes soccer moms, there is a top quality used van on the market for you and it is the Honda Odyssey. With its larger, V-6 engine starting in 19999 the Odyssey jumped to the forefront with the passenger friendly crowd and rounds out our top ten.</p>

<p>Driving a new car is always nice but when you consider your wallet as well as the great deals that can be found in a reliable used car, sometimes the choice is clear, especially when considering one of these ten best used cars on the market.

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