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Car Trends for 2012 - Society - Economics

<p>Car industry continue to evolve better and better especially for styles, accessories and ratings of cars. Even if we are going to see real changes about automotive engineering we can surely state that these 5 car trends are going to dominate in 2012:</p>

<p>40 MPG fuel efficient car: In particular Hyundai Elantra in 2010 was the first model to offer the same fuel mileage across all trim levels thanks to a korean automaker' s discovery. We're sure that other makes will follow the korean example.</p>

<p>Safety: Besides excellent gas mileage and comfortable interior, car buying consumers are searching for safety. It means to have side curtain air bags, traction control and improved roofs, but also all the new devices to avoid collisions.One of the most widespread are the sensors parking: a new device than permit to park your vehicle in totally safety and relax; while you're parking, the closer you get to a back or front side object, the faster you will be beeped. So it's an investment because you'll save your money reducing your accidents.Other devices come from the assistance driver technologies developed by the best car makes such as Bmw. For example the new "left hand drive assistant" by Bmw uses a combination of three laser scanners, a video camera and GPS to determine if your left turn is dangerous. When the system senses this, it automatically slams on the brakes and alerts the driver by generating a warning sound accompanied by flashing signals </p>

<p>Environmentally friendly: Consumers are asking for more environmentally friendly cars than vehicles bought just few years ago. After have been building hybrids and electric cars now automakers are trying to focus on using recycled materials.That's specially about the plastics and the tissues. Just from 2008 Ford started use these kind of materials. For example in 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid seats was made by 100 percent postindustrial waste. Ford make used them also in other models in the years after.</p>

<p>Leasing: Consumers are discovering that some cars acquire an excellent residual value three years out. That's the reason why they prefer to leasing instead of buying. In this way they are able to show proudly cars they couldn't afford to buy.Leasing a car has also some advantages for the consumers: the first is that he can replace his car more regularly, avoiding the costs and the problems which he can have driving an old car; then he has to consider that leasing means also avoid the depreciation costs and more important his monthly cost are lower than if he was financing the total price of the vehicle.</p>

<p>American made style: More cars are made in the United States in these last years because buyers are looking at cars from General Motors, Chrysler and the Ford Motor Company.</p>

<p>Other trends that will define 2012 cars are the use of eight-speed transmissions, expanded hybrid and electric choices and new in-cabin navigation technologies.</p>

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