Kamis, 22 September 2011

Diecast Models

<p>The production of diecast model cars and other vehicles started in the year 1934.At that time, diecast cars and trucks were merely an addition to model railways, to make them more realistic, therefore not really regarded as collectibles by people.<br /><br />The early diecast models were not as coveted as they are today, due mainly to the fact that they were made with a alloy with high lead content. As we know, lead breaks easily, thus it was not possible to build the models to a good level of detail. Besides, they were not meant to be made after real vehicles.<br /><br />Soon, manufacturers realize that there is a great market for such models. They began to build diecast models based on actual vehicles, for example, Dinky Set 36A was based on the Armstrong Siddely, 36B a Bentley, and 36F a Salmon sports car. Gradually, the quality and emphasis on detail improved dramatically. Models started to have diecast alloy bodies, rubber tires and tinplate radiators, and miniature f
igurines were also included.
<br />Later, more types of diecast vehicles came out, like tanks, boats and airplanes.<br /><br />Today, items made from that era are hardly seen. If they are still in the hands of collectors and are in good condition, they are extremely highly valued. These can fetch a good couple of hundreds in an auction.<br /><br />The 1950s was another important chapter in the history of diecast vehicles. New production methods were found, and new competitors entered the market, thus satisfying the collectors' desire for more variety and detail. Diecast models created during these times have better running gear and finer details, much more comparable to the ones made in the present day. --Rod Low<br /><br />Diecast Tanks is a website filled with resources for any diecast collector, but has a shop specifically geared towards diecast tanks. You'll be able to find tips of collecting and caring for your diecast models and will also be able to share information and comments with others who sh
are the same interest.</p> <p>For more information visit Diecast Models.</p>

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