Jumat, 23 September 2011

Can't afford that Super Duty Trans Am? Get a diecast Firebird instead !

<p>A diecast Firebird is an affordable, great way to own the Firebird of your dreams. The 1973 through 1974 Super Duty Trans Am was arguably the best Firebird ever built during the original muscle car era. 455 cubic inches of real Pontiac power under the hood. Round port cylinder heads with large valves, a forged bottom end, an 800 cfm carburetor, enlarged intake runners to match the heads, and provisions for dry sump oiling made the Super Duty one bad factory hot rod. Even rarer than the Trans Am was the Formula SD, with only 48 produced in 1973. 252 SD Trans Am's were produced in 1973. The Super duty was hugely underrated in the horsepower department. If you have ever drove one, or rode along in one than you know the true power of the 455 SD engine. Combine the great handling of the Trans Am with the Super Duty engine and you get one of the quickest , best handling, most valuable muscle cars ever built. The six digit price tags on most Super Duties today is a great reason t
o look into collecting a diecast Firebird.</p>
<p>The SD is not the only diecast Firebird model available though. If you are into the newer models you can even get a 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am. Complete with the legendary 3.8 turbocharged and inter cooled V6 engine. Or how about an original 1969 Ram Air Trans Am ? Almost any version you can think of is available as a diecast firebird model. Even the fourth generation models are represented.</p>
<p>Starting a diecast Firebird collection is an economical way to get the muscle car that you used to own, or always wanted, but could not afford. Or you could use a diecast Firebird to compliment your collection of real cars. Diecast model cars can also increase in value over time as well, so you could say that they are an investment for the future. Whatever your reason for collecting diecast muscle cars, it is a great hobby to get into, and you can start collecting today.</p>

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