Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011

The advantages of owning a diecast Nova

<p>There are several advantages to owning a diecast Nova rather than the real life, full size version. The biggest advantage is pretty obvious, the cost. A diecast Nova is thousands of dollars cheaper to collect than the real deal. Muscle car prices today are through the roof. Even a rusty hulk of a project car can cost a small fortune. Not to mention the hundreds or thousands of hours of labor to restore the car. Or you could use your 401k savings and buy a real Nova SS from e bay.</p>
<p>The second biggest advantage is the size. You do not need a large garage or pole barn to house your diecast Nova.You can house a fleet of diecast cars in your house, garage, or basement. Plus the diecast versions don't need gas or routine maintenance. If you live in a colder climate you won't have to prepare your diecast muscle car for the long brutal winter storage season. No mothballs needed, no flat spotted tires, no stabil in the gas tank. <br /><br />Even if you already own a real life Nova, a diecast Nova is also a great compliment to your collection. There are many different year models available from several different manufacturers. Most are very high quality replicas and are highly detailed. They can also increase in value over time. Especially if the model was discontinued or was part of a limited production run. So, if you are looking to start an affordable muscle car collection, diecast is the way to go. Or for you Nova junkies, it is pretty hard to resist thes
e miniature versions of your favorite muscle car. Just a word of warning though. Collecting a diecast Nova or any other diecast muscle car can be an addictive hobby. Happy hunting !</p>

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