Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Hot Wheel Cars - Reliving Your Childhood

<p>Hot Wheel Cars are made from a die cast metal, manufactured by Mattel. In 1968 they made there market place entry, to which they were an enormous success. There was an initial 16 car line up that is now referred to as the "Sweet Sixteen". Production plants in the US and Hong Kong started to produce these fantastically colored cars in there thousands.<br /><br />Output moves outside of the US, and Hong Kong becomes the sole producer of Hot Wheel Cars in 1972. The first cars from 68 - 72 came with there own distinct features. Early models had there tyres emblazoned with a red line on the tyre walls. The Redline trademark was a hugely effective way of adding personality to the diecast cars of those early models.<br /><br />Hot Wheels Cars are as much a part of growing up as TV, and if you are in your forty's you will know what i mean. Early Redlines became part of the American psyche, by copying the popular cars of that era. In fact 9 of the first 16 were copies from cars fro
m that time, while the other 7 were nothing more than exhibit cars.
<br />The early Redline Hot Wheels had many other specific traits as well as the redline tires. For example they mostly were painted in brash metallic colors called Spectaflame paint and had chrome styled hot rod type rims. The styles available would spark the imagination of young boys around the world. Each car was packaged in a blister pack with very loud colored cardboard backs.<br /><br />Most young men are now enthused with capturing these childhood memories and now the hunt is on to collect these rare vintage early Hot Wheels. The market for collecting Hot Wheel Cars in general is on the rise.<br /><br />With eBay now the business it is, collecting even the rarest of old Hot Wheels from reputable dealers and individuals has become very easy. Make certain you are able to distinguish the grade and shape of the Redline you are buying, ask for close up pictures if needed. In the age of the internet, it will not be hard to find Redline Hot Wheels for sale.</p>
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