Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Hot Wheel Cars - Reliving Your Childhood

<p>Mattel Hot Wheel Cars are manufactured from die cast metal. There market place introduction was in 1968 to which they arrived with a huge seal of approval. There was an initial 16 car line up that is now referred to as the "Sweet Sixteen". These dazzling colored cars began rolling out from plants in Hong Kong and the US.<br /><br />Hong Kong becomes the sole manufacturer of these cars in 1972. In the early years between 1968 and 1972, Hot Wheels came with one very distinctive trait on each car. Early models had there tyres emblazoned with a red line on the tyre walls. The Redline trademark was a very effective way of adding personality to the diecast cars of those early models.<br /><br />If you are 40 plus, then you will know all about the lure that Redline Hot Wheels Cars hold over young boys. These basic designs reflected the popular modern car of that period, and were thus cemented in our minds forever. In fact 9 of the initial 16 were copies from cars from that time,
while the other 7 were nothing more than exhibit cars.
<br />Redlines from this time did have further attractive features other than a red line. As an example these cars were mostly painted in very bright metallic colors called Spectaflame paint and had chromed wheel rims. Each style would evoke the minds of young boys all over the world. Each car was packaged in a blister pack with very flashy colored cardboard backs.<br /><br />Were you once a collecter of these cars in your childhood years? Perhaps you are now enthused with capturing these childhood memories again by collecting these rare vintage early Hot Wheels. Much like baseball card collecting, Redlines and Hot Wheels collecting in general is on the rise.<br /><br />The internet has now made it likely to find even the rarest of Mattel Hot Wheel Cars a distinct possibility. Make sure you are able to tell the grade and shape of the Redlines you would like to bid on or buy. Thanks to the internet, finding the car of your choice has never been easier.</p>
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