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5 Prefered Second Hand Cars To Test Drive - Sports

<p>The debate has been raging for years now as to whether used cars are a worth while investment. People for and against the used car business still have different views regarding the business. Since not many people can afford to purchase new cars due to the harsh economic times, the used cars business have received impressive growth. There is therefore a need to inform those who decide to take up used cars of the best possible options available to them. Depending on your individual preference, budget and needs is what will guide you in what type of car to purchase. People have different preferences, others might prefer a luxury sedan, and others might opt for a SUV while there are some that might go for a small car. Toyota, Lexus and Honda are considered the big rated cars in the various car categories. Listed below are the five top used cars on sale available in the market currently. </p>

<p>Toyota Corolla is a very popular car the world over with excellent sales records as both a new and used car. The easy access to parts and technical support of this Japanese vehicle is what has made it maintain the top list of the used cars list. Only few places in the world do not have a competent mechanic in maintaining Toyota vehicle.</p>

<p> In the station wagon category there is the Honda Accord which is also a highly rated used car. The fact that it is excellent in fuel economy even as a used car makes it a much sought after car. Fuel efficient cars like the Honda Accord has increased due to increase in fuel costs.</p>

<p> In the luxury sedan category we have three Lexus models that take up the top spot. These include the Lexus GS400, GS300 and GS430. They all have a very close resemblance and features. The Lexus models always offer an excellent ride and are quite impressive on and off the road. </p>

<p> When it comes to used pickup trucks Nissan Frontier is the top choice. Apart from looking classy and sophisticated, it is strong and sturdy workhorse that can deliver on power. The long useful life of a Nissan Frontier can serve equally well on both tarmac and rough roads. </p>

<p>The best used car as far as minivans and small SUVs are concerned is the Subaru Forester. The Subaru legacy is maintained by not only delivering performance but doing it in style. Used car sales or the Subaru Forester have significantly increased as more people realize that the high performance engine is quite economical when compared with other cars that deliver the same performance. </p>

<p> Though there maybe people who may not concur with the above list of recommended used cars to go after. Most people find at least two or three of the five in their top five choices of used cars they would purchase. Preference, budget and needs as was earlier stated will always be the determining factor in the used car you settle to buy.</p>

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