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The Car Salesman Stereotype - Autos

<p>Its a common stereotype to hear those car salesmen are trying to rip you off. In most cases you imagine a gentleman in a plaid jacket trying to push you into whatever vehicle youre standing closest to. But is this really the case? I myself have purchase 2 used cars in my driving history, and both times thoroughly enjoyed my experience! To follow are some myths about car salesmen that have an impact on any customer interaction.</p>

<p>Myth #1 Car Salesmen Dont Care About You</p>

<p>Believe it or not, I found the car salesmen Ive dealt with to always be friendly and helpful. They recognized that my needs are a little bit different from an average buyer (I was a student at the time putting LOTS of miles on my car), and that I already had a concept of what I wanted. Being a female I expected to be talked down to, but the salesperson recognized that I had a general concept of cars, and talked to me that way.</p>

<p>Myth #2 Car Salesmen Are All About the Money</p>

<p>When I went into the first dealership, I arrived at the same time as another customer. I was driving my beat up old rat, and he pulled up in an Escalade. I expected the salesmen to jump on him, as youd think hed be spending more money that me, but not the case. In fact I was addressed first, and my sales rep actually excused himself to get another salesperson to help the Escalade gentleman. WOW! My salesman knew that I was looking at the lower end used cars and was still willing to give me the time of day because I was there first!</p>

<p>Myth #3 All Car Salesmen Lie</p>

<p>When I went in to purchase my second car, I had this preconceived notion of what the salesperson would be like. Theyre going to talk in circles and Im going to get confused and agree to purchase something I dont want. Purchasing a car is an important experience, and its vital that you find the car youre going to love before deciding on something that you dont really want! Ive never felt so reassured about my purchasing as when I bought my car. Although the car still needed some work when I test-drove it, the salesman warned me and I knew what I was getting myself into. I wasnt worried about a thing when I went to pick my new baby up!</p>

<p>When buying a used car, one of the most important things is that you buy the right car for you. Part of that decision has to be based on whom youre dealing with! If you arent happy with the salesperson youre working with then dont buy the car! While Ive always dealt with great salespeople, you never really know what youre getting yourself into until youre in it, including buying a car. Make sure that you buy a car youre happy with from a person youre happy with. Id bet you end up walking away much happier with both the experience AND the car!</p>

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