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How Can You Save Money On A New Car? - Family

<p>Buying a car can take a lot of research and money. Rather than jump into a situation completely clueless as to the quality or reputation of the vehicle you are interested in, do your research first and help yourself save a ton of money. If you wouldn't go into buying a home without looking to save money, you shouldn't go into buying a car without trying to also save money.</p>

<p>Saving a money when buying a car can be a difficult task. Some people are too afraid to ask for a deal on the car they want, and some just don't know how. Often you can always get a better deal on the vehicle than the price listed on the sticker or painted on the windshield. Never take no for an answer when attempting to purchase a vehicle. I have compiled a short and simple guide on how to save yourself both money and stress when shopping for a new or used car.</p>

<p>1. Never Agree To The First Offer. When you go to a dealer there is a good chance they will try and upsell you or get you to agree to the price on the sticker. Sometimes they may just tell you that the price on the sticker is 'as low as they go' right from the bat. Never accept this. Most dealerships will gladly lower the payment requested if they think lowering it will help sell the vehicle. Never settle for the first offer they throw at you.</p>

<p>2. Ask If They Have 'Internet Only' Deals. If you're shopping at a reputable car dealership there is a good chance they have a website. In fact, if they don't have a website, they probably aren't a reputable dealership. If they do have a website they probably have an 'Internet only' deal. 'Internet only' deals usually allow you anywhere of $500-$1000 off the asking price if you mention it. That's a huge amount of savings, especially on a used or preowned car! Make sure you do some research on the dealer online before taking the offer they throw at you.</p>

<p>3. Check For Coupons. Some dealerships use coupons, and they're not always just physical paper slips! Car dealership coupons can be found in local papers and car trader newsletters, as well as the actual dealer sites themselves. In addition to the other 'Internet only' deals available on the front of many car dealership websites, car dealership websites often have a side 'Specials Page'. These 'Specials Page's often have multiple date-relevant coupons, both printable and otherwise, that you can use to save a ton of money on a new or used vehicle.</p>

<p>Before you buy a car, make sure you learn about how easy it is to save money when buying a new or used car. While you may think the asking price is THE asking price, in reality most dealerships will allow you to save more cash than you expected as long as you follow the tips and suggestions I have given you. I hope you have the best of luck purchasing a new car from a car dealership, and that you take my advice to heart and save yourself some cash!</p>

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