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Staying on the Safe Side: Safety Devices Installed in Cars - Autos

<p>When you buy a car from dealerships, it is important to look at its safety features. Knowing what safety devices are installed in the car will help you and the other passengers from sustaining severe injuries. The common safety features you should always check are the following: seat belts, airbags, exterior lights, four-wheel traction control, and antilock brakes.</p>

<p>Seat Belts</p>

<p>When a car is driving at high speed and suddenly comes to a stop, passengers will be thrown off their seats and collide with the dashboard or windshield. Hence, seat belts have been invented to hold the passengers in place and prevent occupants from flying forward during abrupt stops. When you buy a car, make sure that seat belts are all installed and functioning properly.</p>


<p>Airbags should also be available in the car you would buy. Much like seat belts, airbags prevent the front passengers from sustaining serious injuries during car collisions. Airbags are made of thin, nylon fabric which forms into a cushion between the passenger and the dashboard or steering wheel. Although these are effective in preventing serious head and upper body injuries, seat belts should still be worn to prevent strong impact when the airbags deploy.</p>

<p>Exterior Lights</p>

<p>Headlights and tail lights are important accessories you should inspect when you shop for a car. Headlights are installed at the front of the car, allowing you to see the view of the road clearly in the dark, rain, or fog. Tail lights, on the other hand, are installed at the rear of the car and acts as rear indicators of the car's motion: stopping, reverse driving, changing lanes, and others. Different types of bulbs are used as headlights and tail lights--incandescent, halogen, and xenon being some of the commonly used bulbs. Most of the cars from places like Ford dealerships Indianapolis has even have fog lights which would help you maximize visibility during foggy or rainy days.</p>

<p>Four-wheel Traction Control</p>

<p>Control is crucial when you are driving on icy and slippery roads. As such, you should buy a car that has four-wheel traction control. This feature evenly distributes the force on all four wheels of the car, preventing you from losing control on slippery terrain. Four-wheel traction control has become a popular addition in recent car models like the Ford Escape Indianapolis dealers offer.</p>

<p>Antilock Brakes</p>

<p>Should you choose a car like a Ford IN Indianapolis dealers have, make sure that it has antilock braking system. Like four-wheel traction control, antilock brakes prevent your car from skidding across icy and slippery roads. The brakes are pumped up instead of compressed, allowing slight movement of the wheels and giving you control of the car.

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