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How to Keep your Car for Long - Autos - Cars

<p>Are you one of the select few who can afford to change cars as fast as you change your clothes? Are you the type of person who always wants to be with the 'in' crowd? Or are you the type of driver who values your car so much, you can't even think of replacing it anytime soon? Whatever type of car owner you are, what's important is to have a good relationship with your car. You need to keep it good looking and striking, inside and out, so when it's time to part with it, you'll get a good price for it.</p>

<p>But, how do you keep your car in good shape? Here's how:</p>

<p> Keep it cool out there. Highways are not race tracks. So, don't race your engine whenever you are on the road. Drive carefully and cautiously. If you don't want to get ticket for speeding or get in a car crash, then drive slowly. Over speeding would only increase your chance of crashing and it would only decrease the life expectancy of your car greatly.</p>

<p> Clean your car. If you don't want clutter inside your house, the same goes to your car. Every time you pull in your garage or even only on weekends, de-clutter your car. Remove the food debris, clean the carpet and vacuum the interior. It's best to use floor mats, so dirt would be easily cleaned. Also, keep a clean towel or cloth at hand to easily clean spills and scraps.</p>

<p> Keep it light. Don't put excess baggage in your car. If you find it difficult to carry your 20kilo rucksack when mountain climbing, what more with your car. Any excess baggage would only be a burden to your car. Keep in mind that your car has limitations, too. So, just keep it light and remove all the unnecessary stuffs inside.</p>

<p> Inspect regularly. Even if you think there is nothing wrong with your car, don't forego inspection. Remember that it's better to prevent that to cure. Surely, you don't want unpleasant surprises in the middle of the road. So, before you drive off and after pulling in at night check all components. Particularly check your automotive lights. They may be misaligned from driving through potholes. Check also the brakes and the tires. Make sure that they are still in good condition. Don't overestimate your car. Make it a habit to inspect your car regularly.</p>

<p> Refuel. If you think that a full tank is only necessary to keep your car running incessantly, think again. There's another reason why you must keep your gas tank full, that is to prevent condensation in the tank. Think of the fuel tank as your stomach. When you are hungry, isn't it hard to move around and you often feel a lot of aches inside? The same thing happens to your fuel tank. It feels aches as feel causing your car to malfunction and fail altogether.</p>

<p>Keep these tips in mind and you are sure to enjoy the reliable service of your car for a long time. Plus, you'll surely get the most out of your car's service life and save thousands of bucks from repair and replacement.

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