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Washing Your Car - Autos

<p>The spring and summer seasons are rapidly approaching, and that means that more people will be concerned over how their vehicle looks. For whatever reason, warmer weather seems to attract people like magnets. Suddenly, you're spotting your next door neighbor, who hardly comes out of their house, driving around the neighborhood in some old classic car that they haven't driven since the summer before. Car lovers can look forward to car shows and block parties in which people bring their toy cars to show off to one another.</p>

<p>Whether you live in the middle-of-nowhere or own five houses in Beverly Hills, one thing is certain, people love to wash their cars and/or have their cars washed! There is, perhaps, something more significant about washing your car though. What is it about having a car look clean on the exterior- especially when the weather is nice? In essence, it can be said that you are what you drive. Even if you have a car that is only worth $500, the fact remains that if you have kept up with the maintenance and are keeping it clean, who has to know what it's worth?</p>

<p>Many people take pride in their vehicles the same way that you or I would take pride in our own appearance to others. Therefore, having a filthy car is akin to walking around in dirty clothes that you haven't washed for days. Drive through any of the ritzy neighborhoods near where you live and nine times out of ten you'll find a few things to be true. First, most people who have a lot of money tend to invest more in sedans. You'll rarely see bulky SUVs laying around, unless of course there are children involved. Secondly, everyone's cars are typically really clean- to the point where it looks as if they just picked up the car that day!</p>

<p>For the pickier drivers out there, there are plenty of self-car washes. These are the kind in which you drive your car up to what looks like a see-through garage in which you can put money and wash your car by hand. Others aren't quite as committed, preferring to bring their vehicles to a major gas station that has a drive-thru car wash in which the driver purchases a ticket to drive their car through an automatic car wash. And then, of course, there are those who don't want to be bothered at all and will pay to have their car washed by others. Whichever method is the one you choose, just be sure that if you're paying someone else to wash your vehicle, be specific with them about what you expect as well as what you want done. There is no reason you should have to clean your car again after you just had it cleaned!</p>

<p>Sometimes when you go through an automatic car wash, you need to remember to always be careful. If you are sitting in your car, make sure that all of the windows are rolled up tightly. If you're having your car washed by someone else, make sure that there are no valuable belongings laying around in the areas that are being cleaned. If need be, if you know that you're going to have your car washed, take these items out ahead of time.

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