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5 Car Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore - Autos

<p>It can be incredibly alarming to have your car make a strange sound or a funky smell. With everything going on under the hood, it can understandably be difficult to tell what is normal and what is not. However, there are many symptoms your car may exhibit that should never be ignored. Refusing to pay attention to trouble indicators may result in a much worse situation later on. You dont have to be a mechanic to know that something is not right. Pay attention to your automobile.</p>

<p>1. Keep an eye on your dash lights. They are there to warn you of potential and occurring problems. If any form of engine or brake light comes on, pull over immediately to assess the problem. Never continue driving if the engine, oil or brake light comes on. If you cannot determine what the issue is, book it into your mechanic right away. Its always better to be safe than sorry. Ignoring certain issues can be potentially dangerous.</p>

<p>2. Any brake related problems need to be dealt with immediately. It is never safe to attempt driving if the brakes are not functioning correctly. Have them inspected regularly, during your oil change if possible. This will help determine any noticeable wear before it becomes a hazard. If you really dont know what youre doing, do not attempt to fix brakes yourself. Its best to allow a licensed mechanic to do these things for you. It will be worth the cost when it saves your life.</p>

<p>3. Serious noise or shaking in the front end can be an indicator of all sorts of problems. From steering components to the engine itself, any number of things going on under the hood could be wrong. Never ignore this or think it will correct itself. Issues left uncorrected will gradually get worse. This can depreciate your car significantly and affect the resale value.</p>

<p>4. If your car stalls out at random, its time to get it looked at. Many things can cause a vehicle to stall but that is something you do not want to happen in the middle of rush hour traffic. A stalled car in the wrong place at the wrong time can prove to be dangerous and a hazard to other drivers. If your car stalls more than once at random or upon start up, have it looked at.</p>

<p>5. Anything related to the gas tank or gas lines should always be dealt with immediately by a professional. When it comes to gasoline, there is no room for mistakes. Minor accidents can also lead to gas leaks. If you have had a small accident, even a fender bender, it doesnt hurt to have it looked at to rule out anything serious that you cannot see yourself.</p>

<p>You want your car to take care of you so you must do the same for it. Machines can only do so much before they need our help to keep them running smoothly. Know your car well and you will be able to easily identify anything amiss.

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