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How to Test Drive a New Car - Autos - Cars

<p>Purchasing a new car is a good experience but sometimes they maybe stressful. You should be very careful while selecting a new car. Everymanufacturer of car provides a test drive in India, which gives some ideaabout car style, performance, comfort and other factors associated with the carand complete drive impression. But sometimes buyer feels uncomfortable to take atest drive of some unfamiliar car. This reason may keep the driver underpressure and cannot actually concentrate on the test drive of new cars in India.Especially, the first time car purchaser may face some trouble test driving anew car. Nothing can be done about it but there are some important tips thatmay help you in this matter. First of all you should be well prepared beforeyou do any test drive. You should always know what you are searching for in acar. As purchasing a new car is not what usually does, so well prepared aboutthe questions that you will be asked from car dealer. Make it sure that you arehavi
ng a valid driving license with you before you test drive a new car inIndia. Be careful when you drive. Try to take a slow drive and check all typeof convenience, comfort and performance of the car.</p>

<p>A sales person or company staff will always escort the test drive.This is to check any risks of car theft or car accidents. The person will also explainwith the car characteristics like comfort, technical detail and conveniencefeatures. The sale person sometimes provides pre-determined test drive wayslike highway, city, hills, twisty roads and tariff. That will show the originalpicture about car performance other important features to the buyer. During thetest drive, sales person use to take the wheel first providing you importantdetails of new car and this is the time to concentrate on his driving, familiarizeyourself with the car features like climate, control settings, seats and stereocontrols. And this is also the best opportunity to explain all your doubtsabout the car, as when you take drive; you would have to focus on your drivingskills rather asking questions. </p>

<p>It is always said to be exciting to drive a new car in India. You shouldnot begin driving the car randomly; first familiarize yourself with necessaryadjustments like comfort, seating and safety. Place the mirror, steering wheel toyour level of comfort. You should drive carefully, concentrate on performance,braking, acceleration and ensure that there is clear visibility. Try to put extraattention to blind spots when backing or parking. You should be meticulous whiletaking a test drive of new car in India</p>

<p>as this is time to detect any technical problems in the car. Once you aredone with the test drive, do not just leave away. Check the vehicle for bothinterior and exterior. Examine legroom, rear seats and the boot space. Alsocheck if the seats can be removed or reconfigured. Test the audio system,instrumentation and safety measures.

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