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<p>Before the onset of the recession people used to buy car merrily, a majority of them availing the hire purchase system and extended periods for payment of the monthly installments. Buying any brand or model was possible within the budget of most people as it was just a question of number of installments. Used cars were purchase only by people is low income segment of the population. Others were not required to bother about the amount in installments as they were well employed with good income. </p>

<p>The feeling affluence was all pervasive in a consumer oriented economy with more and more household gadget being bought out with very little savings. The recession came as bolt from the blue and thousands of people were high dry, losing their jobs and unable to pay mortgage installments. A situation arose when nobody could think of how to buy car so long as he could to manage to cling on to whatever he had already.</p>

<p>In the present slowly recovering economic condition many who lost their cars want to buy car especially if they had been forced to sell the car to meet the expenses. With employment position slowly recovering, people have started getting jobs. Many prudent people have started saving money as a habit from their earnings. The idea is that when a good amount is saved for making the initial down payment for a car go for it and buy it on an installment basis.</p>

<p>Buyers of cars now especially now those who are reemployed cannot think of a new brand or models. That is no handicap because most of the used cars that come up for sale are in excellent condition, not very much used maintained in very good condition. There is also an advantage in going for a used car because you get a very large variety to choose from. </p>

<p>Buying a car in harry from a used car is not advisable. Many used car dealers have assessed the mood of the buyers and have hiked up the interest rates chargeable. Few of them go to the extent of doubling the normal interest rates. Cases have also been noticed where the interested collected over the installment period is more than the cost of the car. Under the circumstances it is better to avoid installment purchases.</p>

<p>To buy car making full down payment at the time of purchase is the best in your interests. There is no fear of default in EMIs and as consequence losing the car. It is worthwhile to wait for a few months more and save sufficient money to make the full cash payment. You have the satisfaction of getting your favorite brand of car at a very reasonable price.

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