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Why do I choose AUDI Navigation for my car? - Autos - Cars

<p>How about AUDI Navigation for AUDI Car? AUDI is one of the most famous automobile brands in the world. Everybody knows that the auto industry develops fast these years. Just because of this, it brings the development of AUDI Navigation, Car DVD Player, In Dash Car DVD Player. </p>

<p>Now, facing so many types of Car DVD Players, how to choose an ideal one for your car becomes a little bit difficult. Today, I will share my experience of choosing AUDI TT Navigation with you.</p>

<p>As to the reason that why so many people, including me, choose AUDI TT navigation as their first option for in dash car DVD player is that they are moved by its powerful functions. Beyond its classical style and appearance. If you want to take a look at pictures of this In Dash Car DVD Player, e welcome to visit the professional online store autocarplaza.com. </p>

<p>Audi appealed to the upper class with this luxurious model. AUDI TT was an immediate success when released in 1999, gained worldwide fame and rocketing AUDI and the Volkswagen Group to a status they had never reached before. Impelled by the hot sale of AUDI TT, AUDI Navigation enjoyed a new selling blast these years.</p>

<p>OK, let's take a glance of the main features of Audi TT Navigation. It is with one high definition digital 7inch display. Besides the basic function of offering your clear and detailed pictures of maps. It can also offer you clear view when you are watching DVD by it. As to maps, it supports Igo 8, Route 66, Gate5, Papago, ect types of maps. It makes you convenient to upgrade or download the maps from internet. Besides, it is with fantastic connection-bluetooth, Built-in Bluetooth. Built-in Phone Book. Pair with cellphone to make phone call or with other entertainments to play music. What's more, you can listen to the music and radio when you are driving. Because this GPS Dual Zone function: allows driver to listen to music or radio while using In Dash Car DVD Player function.</p>

<p>Till now, many people will ask where can I get such AUDI Navigation? Don't worry, we will tell you: that is autocarplaza.com</p>

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