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Choosing a New Car for City Driving - Autos - Cars

<p>When choosing new cars for city driving there are options to consider. How easy will it be to park? Does the vehicle handle well in traffic? Is visibility good from the drivers seat? Is it comfortable to drive with easy entry and exit? </p>

<p>Metropolitan traffic consists of dodging parked vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles in the road. The vehicle must have built in safety features and excellent brakes. </p>

<p>Another important point is fuel efficiency. The more Mpg the vehicle gets the better. Heavy traffic consists of stop and go. Fuel will be consumed while idling at traffic lights. Some of the new compact cars will deliver over 30mpg. </p>

<p>One of fuel saving new cars is the Toyota Prius. This car has 32 Mpg fuel efficiency. It is a compact car that will handle well in busy traffic. The hybrid cars emit fewer emissions. </p>

<p>Urban folks have the option to choose a Hybrid SUV. These vehicles have extra cargo space and seating. Since they sit higher visibility is improved. </p>

<p>The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric vehicle. It is built just for heavy traffic. It is a comfortable ride in the worst stop and go conditions. Its size is perfect for manoeuvring the crowded city streets. </p>

<p>The Audi A3 is one of the top vehicles for in town driving. It has built in safety features. These will help protect the driver if involved in a crash. </p>

<p>As of late there are many more new cars out there that are specifically made for the city. Vauxhall has also just recently launched their version with the Vauxhall Junior, which is only 3.7 metres long and is battling with the Volkswagen Up! within the sub-supermini market.</p>

<p>With so much choice it might be daunting to find the best car quickly. Ensure you test drive vehicles and ask your car dealer plenty of questions. After all city driving is more difficult then highway driving. Choosing the right vehicle will make it easier. </p>


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