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The new car also stylish Sony Ericsson Car MP3 series products to market - Sony Ericsson, Car MP3, c - Business

<p>mp3 3 player as an important branch of family, but has not been like the mp3 player market as fast, and also did not popular with the domestic car market a lively scene, the domestic market still has not been a real 3-known brand. 3 is not practical or not the leading brands to promote and lead the current status quo? recently, well-known digital brand? unveiled three stylish digital high-profile digital 3 player, and made to break the bottlenecks in the domestic car market for mp3, 3 market to change the current pattern, lead the domestic new car market, the development of mp3. since entering the mp3 digital ericsson has been very great importance to automotive industry, function, particularly as domestic high-end mp3 brands, car owners is an important ericsson digital user groups. therefore, the majority of sony digital mp3, mp5 player, car fm launch function are available. new products 3 market click here to view all news photos through nearly a year of research and v-1
0 and v-11's test operation, the that is relatively common digital mp3 player market, declining status, 3 player market is in steady demand increase in l channel. 3 market and now looks plain reason reason is the mp3 has not been a real influential leaders move up the brand, made mainly to be a number of mp3 "cottage" products occupy, in the product design and performance of all applications has been in the public mode, the cycle of low quality cheap wandering. cost of 60 yuan of bad five-3 fashionistas how to win pro-lai car owners do? 3 market needs a leader such as the brand to lead the new development trend. new products 3 market click here to view all news photos v-12 3 to design highly publicity personality red, a 3 debut on the subversion of the traditional black, hui leng tone, first let you put it down, v-12 uses the international popular surface decoration imd latest technology, making v-12 has the luxury car dashboard with the same process and texture, and have th
e same leather texture and pattern. v-12 panel design reference bmw z2 roadster front face of the stream line design, combined with the latest ergonomic design of vehicle drivers, and the first time in the industry used high-end smart phones use the latest key design to v -12, the mp3 has changed the traditional grounds used simple plastic button plastic + silica + combines the latest hardware button design, makes the v-12 driving in the car is more convenient to operate, sensitive and comfort. v-12 in the beautiful body is more equipped in the latest 3 actions atj2003 dedicated mcu chip, with the current industry best full frequency emission chip and samsung 2gbflash chip, and provides a tf expansion slots further expansion of 4gb of memory, your favorite music caught. new products 3 market click here to view all news photos series 3 player with a variety of eq sound modes, natural, pop, rock / classical, jazz, soft, heavy bass, can choose according to genre appropriate sou
nd effects model, perfect to restore pure sound quality, and all are equipped with infrared remote control, enabling digital music selection, frequency selection, volume level adjustment, eq adjustment features such as long-distance remote control, human design, nuances, see the truth. sony ericsson series of new-car mp3 player with its innovative designs and a powerful memory feature rich and comfortable operation of human experience, coupled with the powerful sony digital campaign to promote and improve the business advantages of super-channels, will lead the new wave of car fashion trend.

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