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Ford India to launch eight new cars in India - Autos - Cars

<p>The Ford Company is an American Multinational automaker which is based in Dearborn, Michigan. The company is enjoying the great demand of the cars in India and to enhance the growth of the company it will introduce eight new car models in India. It has been confirmed by the senior official from the auto company that by the end of 2015 Ford will launch eight new car models in the lucrative roads of the India. Vice President of the Ford India, Anurag Malhotra reveled that the has been registered its best sales performance in January 2011. The Ford India has manufactured more than 10,000 cars in January and is looking for introduction of eight more car models in the coming four years. Not only this but the company is also looking forward to expand its network across India by approaching and employing more than 30 dealers apart from current 170 dealers.</p>

<p>As per the status Ford India produced 83887 cars in last year and 29488 units in 2009, which is a tremendous hike in terms of sales in last 15 years. Mr. Malhotra confirmed that the Ford India rolled out 10,026 cars in first month 2011 compared to 2,453 cars in the same month in 2010. According to him Gujrat is the fastest growing auto market in the western region.Ford Motors India is very happy with the success in the domestic auto market and the success in India after the launch of its hatchback Ford Figo last year. In the year 2010 the Ford Motors India have accounted the growth by 300 percent in the state, when its average sales went up by 184 percent in India. It has been witnessed that almost 28 per cent of the company's net sales comes from Gujarat and the auto company Ford Motors India is keen on growing more in the state. The auto giant rolled out 10,000 cars in January 2011, out which 8,600 cars were Ford Figo. Ford in Gujarat owns 8 dealerships and 10 service po
ints and also wishes to expand its wing in the vibrant state.</p>

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