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Small Cars And Odor Detection System In Cars - Autos

<p>In response to ever-increasing gas prices, automakers have turned their attention to designing smaller, fuel-efficient cars that address the needs of all vehicle owners -- those seeking lots of space for cargo or passengers, those who want high-end luxury gizmos, even those who just want to go really, really fast. Nissan said the technology is part of a project aimed at halving the number of fatalities and serious injuries in Nissan cars by 2015 compared to 1995 levels.</p>


<p>Audi A3 Aaron Gold Americans have always associated size with luxury; back in the day, Cadillacs, Lincolns and Imperials were the biggest cars on the road. Not so in Europe, where luxury cars come in all sizes. Chevrolet Cobalt View Philip Powell Small cars have never been the American automakers' forte', but after more than twenty years of trying, Chevrolet has really got it right. Dodge Caliber Aaron Gold I'll be the first to admit that the Dodge Caliber isn't my favorite car to drive, but if I had a lot of stuff to haul, this is one of the small cars I'd consider buying. Honda Civic Si Honda one of the best things about smaller cars is that it takes a lot less fuel to go fast. If you're used to cars with big engines, the Civic Si's driving methodology may take some getting used to -- basically you rev the daylights out of it, but don't worry, the Civic Si's engine is designed to spend lots of time at or near its 8,200 RPM redline.</p>


<p>The Japanese car maker has developed a new odor detection system designed to prevent drivers from operating a car if they are over the legal limit. If the alcohol level detected is above a pre-determined threshold, the system automatically locks the transmission, immobilizing the car. A voice alert is also issued via the car navigation system telling the driver that they are over the limit. While still in the developmental stages the concept of drink driving detectors being built into cars has generally been welcomed by Irish drivers contacted by ENN. It would see a lot of people go the extra mile and not drink at all for fear the quota in their car might be breached," he said.</p>

<p>Many small cars make you pick between a full complement of passengers and a full complement of cargo, but the Fit allows four people and their stuff to be hauled in comfort -- not just I'll-be-OK-for-a-10-minute-ride comfort, but real long-haul comfort.

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