Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Used Car Finance: how to sort the bangers from the best deals - Autos

<p>The vast majority of people in the UK can't afford to buy a brand new car, and why would you want to anyway? In terms of investments, new cars are one of the worst; as soon as you drive it off the showroom floor - you've just lost 20% of its value.In real terms, this means that if you've just spent 20,000, you can kiss 4000 goodbye almost straight away! Within five years, it will have lost almost 50% of its original value - so unless you've got money to burn, buying a brand new car is not the best way to get your hands on a motor.Used cars generally offer a far better deal; the price of a car that is over two years old will have already dropped considerably, a car which is six or more years old can be up to 75% cheaper than when it was new.But of course there can be more risk when buying a used car. When buying new, a car tends to come with all sorts of warranties and guarantees that will cover the costs of any problems should they occur during the first three years after
purchase. However, the used car market is much more variable; you can buy a car from any number of sources: from newspaper classifieds, from eBay, from a used car finance dealer, even from a mate down the pub! Though it's possible to get some real bargains through the less official channels, you've really got to know a bit about cars to avoid landing yourself with a vehicle which has some serious underlying mechanical problems. For this reason, many people prefer to buy used cars from established second hand dealers. You tend to pay a little more, but you car comes with something not normally offered by the man down the pub - peace of mind. With a used car dealership, every car will have to undergo a thorough inspection by a qualified mechanic, so you can be pretty sure that it won't break down the drive it away. Many used car dealerships also offer certain optional guarantees, and extended warranties, thereby further reducing the chances of you being left out of pocket some
time down the line.In conclusion, unless you're a mechanical genius or you just enjoy taking risks, your best bet for avoiding a banger is to visit a used car dealership, spend time talking to the sales guys, don't appear too keen and be ready to walk away if the price isn't right.</p>

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