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Do It Yourself Car Detailing - Autos - Cars

<p>On times when the economy is down, we have to save money on everything that we do and one of this is car detailing. It does not only save money but this is also a good form of exercise. </p>

<p>Car Detailing the Interior of the CarBy using a vacuum, clean the floor mats and carpets. Remove the stains from the floor mats and carpets by a mild soap or a stain remover. Use a brush if necessary so that the dirt and sticky particles will be removed. Clean the upholstery next, and remove all the stains using a carpet stain remover but be sure that it is compatible with the material of the upholstery. </p>

<p>Clean all dirt found in the doors and other small and tight areas using a cotton swab or a small brush. Carefully wipe the dirty surfaces with a rag and soap solution. Use liquid cleaning fluid and a rag to remove the slimy, heavy and ugly markings on the interior areas. You may need to use a toothbrush or cotton swabs in cleaning intricate ornaments found in the interior. Always use dry cloth in drying the surface interior. The window should be cleaned with window cleaning fluid, soap solution, toothbrush and cotton swabs to the column of the steering wheel. After cleaning, spray the surface with a spray on protectant. By using the rag and soap solution, clean the center console and dashboard.</p>

<p> Car Detailing the Exterior of the Car Use car cleaning detergents that are designed for cleaning the surface of car exteriors and soft cloth or chamois. Use generous amount of water in cleaning and rinsing the car. Make sure that the water you are using is clean. Change the water when it becomes cloudy. Rinse the car right after washing so that the detergent will not sit on the pain which will cause oxidation. Wipe and dry the car with a soft towel.The tires and the wheels are cleaned separately for this requires a lot of your time. Because these are usually heavy with dirt, you must use heavy duty detergents that are made especially for the tires and wheels. Wax the car to retain its glimmer using a polish that is high in carnauba content. The liquid and paste form of wax are better than the spray on type of wax. Any excess of the wax applied should be removed using a soft cloth. Use the glass cleaning fluid in cleaning the outer glass or you can use newspaper instead.</


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