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Small Hybrid Cars Review and Prospects - Autos - Hybrids

<p>Hybrid cars have become a trend as a car that uses a combination of resources; electricity and fuel oil. With this concept, the impact on environmental pollution can be reduced. Demand for hybrid cars is increasing in the presence of fuel-efficient engines. Even in 2011, the trend shift the car into a smaller size (compact or subcompact) and more efficient to be a trend in many countries include the United States, whose market is dominated by large-sized car. Not without reason if the subcompact car market is never successful and growing up in the U.S.. Before the crisis erupted in 2008, fuel prices in the USA is undisturbed and is considered cheap. Another reason is related to the security mindset, where small cars judged not guarantee the safety of the driver when the collision occurred. However, the urge to switch to small cars are not just buzz in the U.S. alone by the government through regulation, but also the demands of economic conditions in which the predictions o
f the fuel price hike will continue to happen in the next few years. The U.S. federal government's new regulations do require that all automotive products achieve minimum fuel consumption of 35.5 miles per gallon (8 liter/100 miles) in 2016, followed by the target consumption liter/100 4.6 miles later in 2025. This mandate, inevitably forcing the U.S. automotive industry to cut the size of the car, making consumers switch to cars with engines of more compact, and continues to develop environmentally friendly technologies and fuel efficient. The transition to the small car trend is already visible in the car show Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2010 ago. Also the recent Detroit Motor Show 2011 or the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) taking place at the Cobo Center, Detroit. The great players U.S. automobile began look showing off the cars compact and subcompact that is expected to attract consumers' attention. Another with Europeans who are known to regulate t
ight regulation of the car. Not only about the size, each car must also follow the exhaust emissions standards or the European Emission Standard (Euro) to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), the gases cause the greenhouse effect or global warming. "The small car will bounce back in Detroit this year, consumers who once bought a full-size cars (segment E) or midsize (segment D) certainly will be changed to a compact car (segment C)," because there are two factors: First awareness of the environment , and the second is the increasing price of fuel. So the interest in small hybrid cars will increase too. Hybrid cars are very friendly an Environmental, and so even with the existing cost at the small car, small car led to a smaller cost. Moreover, a growing number of predictions that call that fuel prices in the USA will continue to crawl up, back through the $ 4 per gallon in the future. If then the automobile manufacturer introduced a range of re
search, investment, and other preparations for making more cars in the compact and subcompact segments, now this is the time. With advances in technology and design, there is a new attraction in the car-compact and subcompact cars on the market today. Like Ford, the USA's largest automotive manufacturer, will launch a Hybrid Car C-Max. According to them, sub-compact cars currently in the redesign significantly so they no longer look small. At least from the interior. The size of the interior in the current subcompact car similar to C or D segment 10 years ago. Ford C-Max MPV small size which can accommodate five passengers So even with Toyota Motor Corp., launched the basic concept of a hybrid car with a small car and city car fuel-efficient. This platform is already applied to the iQ product, which was launched last year. Toyota's move is actually not alone. Nissan and Honda have also been doing development for the immediate launch hybrid products. With this trend, it looks
like a hybrid car will be a car choice in the coming decades.</p>

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