Jumat, 12 April 2013

Set of Criteria to Compare Cars - Autos - Cars

<p>Is buying a car been on your mind from a long time? Are you really confused about what car you should be buying? Do you want to know the basic categories of car from which you can choose? Then, the good news is that there are only few basic criteria that you need to know to start off your car search. Once you determine these basic factors you can further search and find a brand and a specific model that suits your requirements.</p>

<p>Used Cars- The first factor using which you would compare cars is based on whether it is a used car or a new car- The best car in India need not be a brand new one. India being a country filled with people coming from various economic backgrounds, used cars can be the most popular choice and the best suited for many middle class families- Advantages of used cars are that they are affordable and accessible to all sectors of people- When you compare cars, the disadvantages of used cars are that their condition is not predictable, you will not be the first person to be using them, the maintenance required will comparatively be more and you may or may not get it with a warranty- Owing to the above facts, you will have to be very careful while buying used cars. Make sure you have proper paper work done for the deal and also check properly the condition of the car</p>

<p>New Cars- It is a fact that many people in India are emotional about that they buy. So, some may be particular about the brand new condition of the cars- When you compare cars, new cars are most preferred but are not opted due to price considerations- The advantages of a new car are that they are in good condition, you will have lesser maintenance, you will be the first user and you can be clear about the paper work and brand new parts- The disadvantages of a new car are that they cost higher and their value gets depreciated very quickly over the years. Even if you buy the best India, its value will go down in few years. When you want to resell, you may not be able to procure even sixty percent of the purchase price that you have given</p>

<p>Fuel Efficient cars- These cars make optimum usage of the fuel- They save your fuel expenditure- They also avoid wastage of natural resources</p>

<p>Safety Cars- There are cars that have extra safety measures- Find out the accident avoidance features each car has- Some will have protective features in case an accident happens. Compare based on this too</p>

<p>Thus based on these criteria, you can compare cars that are available and find out the best car in India. These factors will also help you to determine your needs better and filter out your specifications properly.</p>


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