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New car dealer installed inside development team will be huge profits! - Modified car dealers - Auto - Business

<p>New car Installation of "car industry in recent years new popular words. Consumer car before the dealer must have been transformed to buy a car, and the conversion price to withstand a lot of money. Want to buy a car without any decoration (commonly known as : bare car), almost become a luxury. New cars Why install popular? Dealers selling cars, in the end what do you prefer? Consumer car, how to avoid unnecessary expenditure? Recently, Chengdu's auto market further thorough investigation, and attempt to answer these questions for you. Shot a wanted to buy "naked car" is not easy 3 18, a joint venture brand western sheep dealer This is a mainly economic cars for sale dealer. Journalists into the hall, wearing a "sales representative - Yang Min" badge girl will greet the way: "Dear, what can help you?" Told reporters need to buy about 80,000 of a car, Yang Min opened the door for our detailed introduction to the characteristics of the vehicle. Then press note released by th
e models and manufacturers have different product photos, vehicle bumpers, skirts, rear surround modified parts were added. "You have this car plus a large surrounding ye?" The face of our doubts, Yang Min said with a smile: "This is the introduction of full New cars Type, the car increased the value of the original 3,000 yuan a large surround. Now we are promoting, you can also offer 5,000 yuan in cash. You get the equivalent of 8,000 dollars a substantial discount. " Offer really so fascinating about it? Secret: Seem to be very cost-effective, but internal sales personnel from the shop's office was informed that the car manufacturers offer license limit is 10,000 yuan in cash, the cost of dealer installation cost of the 800 large siege, with its " New cars Type promotion "as an excuse, and then offer 5,000 yuan in cash. In fact only ones who enjoy 5,800 yuan for consumers, the actual increase in profits 4200 yuan. Pushing sales consultants to install the lens 2 3 afternoon
of 19 , Hongpailou a reporter walked into this dealer outlets Find All the models were a new look, and the network released the original car manufacturer plans a huge difference. In addition to installing surround pieces, it also increased the color plates, Fang Taomu interior parts such modification; Some models also increased the reverse radar configuration. Its price is higher than the price announced by manufacturers, have 2000-6000 dollars will increase. "I do not want to buy this with the modified, like original car, can it?" So we did not finish, the store sales staff explained that the current state of the car is hot, not buy "naked car", must be purchased after a modified model. In order to dispel our concerns, he smiled and said: "These vehicles are based on road conditions and consumer demand in Sichuan be modified, there are adequate quality assurance, quality assurance and the same original." Sales consultant why spare no effort to recommend installation of the
vehicle then? Secret: Sales Consultant salaries constitute the basic salary + Commission. At present, the cycle gradually falling profits, the above mentioned economic car, the sale of a "bare-car" sales commission is only tens of dollars. In order to stimulate the installation of vehicle sales, the company provides not only for tough task of installing vehicle sales, while a substantial increase in installation of vehicle sales commission. After the sale of a vehicle installation, commission sales representatives receive more than ten times. In the interests of the drive, the sales staff will of course pushing the vehicle after installation. Lens surrounded by 3 large profits of 500% self 3 20 to a restaurant in Chengdu Reporter sitting opposite, was once the elite dealers Chengdu, Li Qiang, a Group (a pseudonym). 5 years in sales industry, he New cars Installation of the link knows quite well. "This is a lucrative industry, New cars Installation of up to 500% profit. "Two
hours of conversation, let's learned New cars Installed inside the layers. Under the guidance of his reporters dealers in front of a group that pulled original New cars The dray into the compound, they will be directly down to the warehouse parking. Then not entered the 4S shop, but open into the decoration department for various retrofitting. Among all trucks surrounded the main leather chairs. Vehicle installation is completed, after clean This entered the 4S shops and consumers. Li Qiang said: "This whole Sichuan distributor brands, consumers do not see the original real car. Store display of all the modified vehicles, the price increase at least several thousand dollars. The conversion cost a few hundred dollars, The profit of up to 3 times more. " Secret: After installation of 1 New cars , Can earn thousands of dollars of profits. As the Group dealer sales is great, only the sale of modified New cars This one, they can earn tens of millions of profits. The distributor
also hired a technical staff, close to the secret factory in Chengdu, the specialized production for New cars Installation of large business surrounded by mats, leather chairs and so on. After production, directly sent to the Department to be decorated.

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