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Top Five Things To Never Do With A New Car - Autos

<p>We live in a society filled with myths and urban legends, rumors, lies, and tall tales. This is just as true for normal life as it is with the car dealerships industry. If you want to buy a new car it's a huge decision that can affect you and everything you do for the rest of your life as long as that vehicle is still running or not, as that big of an expense is a huge undertaking. Make sure you do your homework before purchasing a car and learn about the things NOT to do with or to a new car. To help you on your new undertaking I have compiled a list of the 'Top Five Things To Never Do With A New Car'. Hopefully you take my sage advice and save yourself both money and stress.</p>

<p>5. Never Let Someone Drive Your Car In Water - I know, this might seem like a no-brainer, but it's actually a fairly common occurence. In fact, I have had something like this happen to me once in my life and it really took years before I could financially get over it. I had a close friend ask me if he could take my brand new Chevrolet out 'Road Fishing' which is a common practice in the midwest where young fishermen drive along river banks in cars and fish from the windows. As luck would have it, he drove into the river, and the car, our friendship, and my pocketbook were never the same again.</p>

<p> 4. Don't Break Out Your Windows To Get New Ones - Most of you may have bought a new car at some point and immediately broke out your front and back windows so you could replace them with more modern 'cooler' ones. This is not a good idea as it can have a huge negative impact on your pocketbook. If you want to replace your windows, go to the dealership and ask them to have them removed. Trust me, it will save you a ton of headache as opposed to breaking them.</p>

<p>3. Don't Sleep In It! - Most people that buy a new car want to 'break it in' as soon as possible, sometimes even before getting it home. They may want to take it through a carwash, take it through a drive-thru lane at a fast food place, and as weird as it sounds, often people will pull over and sleep in their new car to really get a feel for it. While this sounds like a great idea in reality it is not. Sleeping in a car puts a TON of stress on the cushions as well as the arm rests, and while it doesn't sound like it would be that damaging, it actually causes tons of unseen problems.</p>

<p>2. Don't Let Anyone Store Gravel In It - As someone who grew up in the country you have no idea how many times I have seen people fill their trunk with gravel from the hardware store. This is an awful idea that only causes heartache and huge expenses on your pocketbook. If you care about your new car, you cannot EVER let anyone store gravel or sand in it. It is a mess than will NEVER go away.</p>

<p>And what perhaps could the Number One be on our terrifying list? The answer may surprise you.</p>

<p>1. Don't Keep It In Your Driveway - Lots of people love to keep their new car in their driveway so that the neighbors can take a look at it everytime they go outside or check their window safety in the evenings. This is great for a couple days, but in reality the environment can really cause problems you may not even know about. Do us and yourself a favor - just keep your car in a garage or rent a storage facility.</p>

<p>When it comes down to it, buying a car is a great experience that one can really benefit from. The problem is many people don't know what to do once they get a new vehicle. Hopefully this article has helped you figure out the Do's and Don'ts and will give you all of the advice you need to make the best decisions with your new car!</p>

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