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Famous Brands Limited Appreciation Potential Collection Of Car Models - News - Business News

<p>" Car models "Yes Car model Short, that the real car in full accordance with the model, structure, color and interior trim components made of with the same scaled simulation products. This toy model car resembling, in recent years has been more and more domestic collectors are discouraged and "car models" Jicang groups are emerging. According to incomplete statistics, China's current collection of "car models" of fans has been more than 50 million people, which is close to 2 percent grade enthusiasts. "Car models" Jicang gradual vigorous, and in recent years, China's automobile Consumption Not unrelated to the appearance of heat. Since a large number of affluent groups have entered the ranks of car buyers, making China Automotive Industry Flourishing. Auto companies around the world will promote a variety of expensive cars in China. Contests of the car after another, naturally attracted a large number of car buyers in the eye, and those who also appeared in a number of Ai
Juzu Jicang "car models" of the people. In fact, the "car models" closely associated with car sales. Ford Motor plant in 1914 launched a "T" series cars, in order to strengthen the publicity and sales Make Simulation of a scaled-down car gift. Unexpectedly small size of the "car models" popular request and buyers flock, so that the other car factory and found the sales opportunities, scrambling to release a self-produced car models, and is formed New car Type factory model of car was overwhelmed by the attendant are "practices." In the following 90 years time, the world's automobile manufacturers were introduced "car models" more than ten thousands, and some specialized production "car models" of the toy companies produce different types, styles, colors, and different proportions of simulation "car models "Nearly 100,000 kinds. Collection of "car models" generally based on the brand, model, manufacturer, material and other classified, such as the Buick can be collected by br
and, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac Other brand of "car models"; also can collect only one manufacturer produced a "car models", such as Japan's Mitsubishi Motors Corporation produces a variety of car models. Vehicle classification if more can be specific, such as can be collected Bus Carrying Truck And Special Vehicles Such as "car models." It also will continue to breakdown many types, such as passenger cars can be broken down into passenger cars, Business Cars and buses, etc.; special vehicles can be classified into Fire, Car, military vehicles (tanks, rocket Launch Vehicles, etc.) Motorcycle And Police car And so on. Jicang can according to their preferences and economic conditions to determine the "car models" the type or scope of the collection size, as long as the perseverance to succeed. At present, China Taiwan Province, a man, a self "car models" collection fan, has collected more than 5000 kinds of different species of "car models", probably the world's highest car owner
ship model Jicang varieties were. "Car models" of Jicang heat surging in the world, but also derived a unique Investment Value, such as the reputation of China's Red Flag sedans prominent, but the absence of a "car models" appears. In recent years, enormous amounts of money was made from a 1:24 model for the CA770TJ Red Flag sedans, the number is only 10, the current bid was 20,000 yuan can not do so at a time when the cost of inputs for the 3400 yuan each. Also in the 20th century, a German 90 Auction At the meeting, a sparse amount of surviving brand name "car models", actually sold for the amazing price of 600,000 marks, its high return on investment is evident. Relative to the broad Jicang, the investment "car models" must consider the following elements: First, investment in "car models" should be the world's famous brands; second is to be well produced, proportional reduction in strict accordance with the true model system, and the flexibility of various parts intact;
third is "car models" not too small percentage, generally between 1:24 to 1:45 most appropriate, excessive depletion of the "car models" is difficult to fully reflect the true meaning of vehicles, usually can be treated as ordinary Toy car; Fourth, circulation and survive in the world concerned about the amount of the size of the toy factory under normal circumstances the production of "Model cars" because of excessive, appreciation potential is relatively weak, only limited custom "car models" or as Souvenir Very few of the models presented in the car, the object is a very worthwhile investment, but also great potential for future appreciation of the "car models."

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