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How to clean your car properly - Autos

<p>Not keeping on top of your car cleaning can be very damaging for your vehicle, as contaminants can build up on your car's finish and lead to corrosion and rust, which can be the cause of some rather costly repairs. You should aim to wash your car around once a week if you use it regularly - this might sound like a lot but if you get yourself into a routine it will slot nicely into your other chores. Don't be tempted to visit the car wash all the time either, as this can be a waste of money when cleaning by hand costs a lot less and takes hardly any time at all. </p>

<p>The tools you use to wash your car are incredibly important, as the last thing you want is to use something that will only further damage your vehicle. You should pay close attention to the finish of your car - if you spot any swirl patterns on it you might have damaged the paintwork the last time you washed it by rubbing grit into the finish. </p>

<p>You should never use an ordinary sponge or towel for the job and should instead pick one that has been specially made for car cleaning. When you have finished your task you will need to carefully wash the tools you have used to ensure that all dirt and grit that it has been collected during the job is fully removed. You will also need a strong wheel brush that you can use to get stubborn dirt off your tyres, mud guards and other components. </p>

<p>Before you actually begin washing your car, make sure you spray the entire vehicle down with a garden hose to loosen debris and particles. You can then move onto the actual washing - use a proper car shampoo to do this, not any household cleaners, and work from the top to the bottom of your car. Every time you go to clean your sponge you will dirty the water, so you should use two buckets of water in an attempt to limit the amount of contamination. When you have finished washing, use your hose again to wash all of the suds and surface dirt from your car. </p>

<p>At this point you should start drying your car. Don't use a household towel; get yourself a special car buffing towel that will give your vehicle's finish an excellent shine while also absorbing all of the water. Use a different towel for drying your tyres, as this is where most of the dirt on your car will have collected, and remember to dry from top to bottom.

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