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Car Maintenance tips - Autos - Cars

<p>Having a car makes traveling easy and smooth avoiding the time wasted for waiting for public </p>

<p>transport and the rush in it. Moreover, one can travel to any destination even if there is </p>

<p>no public transportation. However, like any other assets, car also needs maintenance to be </p>

<p>in good running condition avoiding frequent breakdowns. Regular Car maintenance ultimately </p>

<p>helps in cost cutting. The amount spent on repairing a car is always more than the spending </p>

<p>marginally on regular maintenance. For regular maintenance, follow the tips onautomotive resources. However here there are few tips </p>

<p>for car care.</p>

<p>1. Check and replenish car fluid at regular intervals. This includes engine oil and coolant, </p>

<p> transmission fluid.</p>

<p>2. The oil needs change after every three months or after covering every three thousand miles.</p>

<p>3. Regular oil change helps to maintain engine stability of the car's performance.</p>

<p>4. The air pressure needs checking for better milage.They wear out easily if there is low </p>

<p>air pressure.</p>

<p>5. Regular washing and waxing increase the life span of a car preventing rust holes and rust </p>

<p> spots. It will ensure the shine of the vehicle and keep it corrosion free.</p>

<p>6. Taking the car for regular service sessions ensures maximum performance from the vehicle.</p>

<p>7. When changing spare parts it is wise to buy original made than local ones. The local ones </p>

<p> come at a cheaper price but reduce the car's performance in long run. </p>

<p>8. Apart from the engine, tiers, gears, fuel system, electrical system needs routine check </p>

<p> up.</p>

<p>9. If engine is the soul, its battery is the nerve center of a car's electrical system. </p>

<p>Several types of car battery available in the market use the one required for the car.</p>

<p>10. If there is car air conditioner, it needs checking because it is essential for the </p>

<p>comfort of the cars occupants especially in hot and humid weather.</p>


<p>Buying a car is easier than maintaining it because buying it is once and maintenance is </p>

<p>regular and repetitive. Regular checking of the car is very necessary for its optimum </p>

<p>performance and longevity.

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