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SEMA 2010: A Top Of The Ugliest Cars - Autos - Cars

<p>Each and every year at SEMA - Specialty Equipment Market Association show new and exciting cars are presented that blow away visitors and press. However, just like with every car show out there, a few cars make a very awful impression because of their horrible design. There is no exception to this rule with the 2010 edition of the SEMA. With this article we will try to point out what we consider to be the 12 ugliest cars that were presented at the show.</p>

<p>12. Thunderbird en Fuego '57 - from distance it looks great, big impressive engine, fenderwell headers. As you approach it, you will notice excessively tall and very modern seats in a classic car which for obvious reasons, should not be there.</p>

<p>11. V7 Prototype - a mid-year Corvette, set to be auctioned next January at Barret-Jackson. A fully customized car equipped with a mid-mounted turbo GM V8 capable of outputting 1070 hp and 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. Although the figures look great, the car is very ugly, with bloated fenders, a rearend that looks like it requires a serious nip/tuck. It is without any doubt, a very powerful car that is entirely destroyed by its appearance.</p>

<p>10. Rama Lama Ding Dong - pickups are good for work, commuting or recreation. This one however, does not serve any of these purposes with its tilt hood, Lambo-style doors and an interior with ostrich and reptile seats.</p>

<p>9. Big Daddy Caddy - a limousine with a faux-leopard top. Need we say more? How about the mini big-rig exhaust stacks?</p>

<p>8. Prickstine - a 1987 BMW 325E constructed as a Lemons race car tribute to "Christine"- the '58 Plymouth made famous in the Steven King movie that carries the same name. The Prickstine is a not so very pretty car but funny to look at, especially from the front where the front bumper is made out of tin foil.</p>

<p>7. Mini Lambo - an ATV modified in order to accept the custom bodywork by Japanese company LB Performance. Eye catching? Yes. Attractive? No.</p>

<p>6. The Doors - how many Lambo doors can a customized car have? 2 or 4? The answer is 5 because this one has a Lambo door on its trunk too.</p>

<p>5. The Worst - a car that required a lot of work but is wearing just about every styling trend today. Fender ports? Yes. Body kit? Yes. Air scoops? Yes. Add to all this a TV right on the hood and pea green paint and you got a very strange car.</p>

<p>4. Junk In The Trunk - the Chevrolet Camaro was one of the most popular cars at the show. It seemed like everybody had one. This model came with a very wide body kit that was just too big for the car. So were the rear wheels - 405/25ZR24. The price was just as big as the body kit - $69,000.</p>

<p>3. Hulk On Wheels - what can we say about a Caprice with 30 inch rims and sprayed with a nauseating shade of green complete with a strange "Hulk" graphic?</p>

<p>2. Whacked Out Woody - a woody convertible with a music-themed interior and exterior combined with wrong chrome wheels. Not much else to say about it.</p>

<p>1. Down To Wire - the number one spot is grabbed by a chopper with sidecar welded-on wire that looks very strange and tacky.

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