Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Breaking News: Men Who Drive Nice Cars Get The Girls - Autos - Driving Tips

<p>According to the Chicago Tribune, "Having an expensive car makes men more attractive to women." It seems as though the Tribune thought this was as shocking as we did as they continued with "The British Journal of Psychology took the time to conduct a study of what every guy who has ever picked up a date in a Toyota Corolla already knows: Women will find you more attractive with a pricey car." </p>

<p>The British Journal of Psychology conducted their study by taking pictures of the same man in different cars of varied levels of stature. All the women participating in the study rated the man as more attractive when he was pictured in the more expensive car. Unfortunately, in today's society, it might not have been necessary for the British Journal of Psychology to spend time on a study where the outcome would have been so easily predetermined. </p>

<p>However, now that we have conclusive proof, here is what men can do to ensure a plethora of future dates. Don't waste your money on a new suit or drop your cash on a new haircut. Spend those hard-earned dollars on a luxury ride. Can't afford to buy one? Imagine Lifestyles Chicago has you covered. </p>

<p>Here a List of Imagine Lifestyles Tips to impress a lady with a luxury rental cars</p>

<p>1. Next time you go out on a date rent a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce</p>

<p>2. Rent a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other luxury rental car for a day so they can remember you behind the wheel of a nice car</p>

<p>3. If you are a family man try out a Cadillac Escalade ESV. The bigger the better</p>

<p>4. Try driving down the street in your car and then rent any luxury car for a day and see if you see a difference!!!</p>

<p>A luxury or exotic rental car is perfect for your date night. Our Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner rental car is a perfect choice. Trust us: she'll thank you for it.

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