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How to Find Cheap Car Hire in Spain - Travel - Car Rentals

<p>When you travel to Spain chances are you may have chosen a popular destination. If so consider to hire a vehicle before you leave; the freedom to go where you please is one of the best means to get around when you're on vacation. When it comes to cost, a rental car makes a lot of sense; the price of any taxis used during your holiday quite often equals the cost of a hire vehicle.</p>

<p>The country has got a large number of car rental suppliers to choose from, but at many airports in Spain the only car hire companies you can find inside the airport are multinationals like Avis, Hertz, National or Europcar.</p>

<p>But at popular destinations like Alicante, Almeria, Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Gerona, the Balearic Islands or the Canaries you will also find a selection of car rental companies offering cheaper car hire prices. Most of these rental companies offer an excellent product and a modern fleet of almost new cars most of the time.</p>

<p>This is because in these destinations local car hire companies are competing with multinationals for their share of the pie. Do not Remember however that cheaper does not always mean better. Check that you know which car rental agency is offering car hire in Spain before you book to avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival.</p>

<p>Driving in Spain is relatively simple and very much like driving in your own country. If you are from the United Kingdom do not forget that in Spain the driving is on the right hand side of the road. With a rent a car you will get to see so many of the hidden gems which would otherwise remain undiscovered.</p>

<p>Many rent a car companies offer very attractive prices to upgrade your car rental locally at the collection point. It is always worth asking at the rental counter if there is a possibility of an upgrade your booking at the rental counter.</p>

<p>An important consideration, aside from the type of car you would like to rent, is the optional insurance coverage. This service will cover any damages to the vehicle. Generally, if insurance is not purchased, the customer may be held financially liable for any damages to the vehicle during the rental period stated on the rental agreement. If the insurance does include an insurance excess consider that, while on the road, anything can happen to the vehicle.

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