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Maintaining the Resale Value of Your Car - Autos

<p>There are many things that you can do in order to maintain the resale value of your car. Regular servicing and keeping on top of any maintenance issues will help hold the value but these are usually the responsibility of your mechanic. So what can you do at home to maintain the resale value of your car?</p>

<p>Keeping the paintwork in the best possible condition will definitely improve your cars resale value. Touching up scratches and chips in the paint as they appear will prevent rust from creeping in. With recent advances in technology, touching up your paintwork at home is now much easier than you could possibly imagine. Gone are the days where paint touch ups were a 3 day event while you wait for each coat to dry before moving onto the next step. Paint chips can be completely repaired in just minutes leaving a perfect flush finish that isn't even noticeable.</p>

<p>Finding the correct color is the major part. The color should be matched perfectly to the color code of your car using the cars make, model and serial number. You could also match the color by providing the color code. Your cars color code should be printed on the inside panel of your door jam. There tends to be lot to lot variation in different manufacturing lots of car paint causing slight variation in the colors. This can cause major concern when re-spraying a large area but in this case, because the area of the touch up is very small, any slight variations in the color will not be noticeable.</p>

<p>Although there are many kits available for home paint chip repair, the Dr ColorChip kit is by far the easiest and most economical to use. It uses a unique formulation of paint and chemicals designed to dry very quickly. Literally all you need to do is dab, smear and rub off. The whole process takes about 2 minutes. The paint is applied with the brush contained in the kit. They also give you a rubber glove so that you can smear off the excess paint with your thumb. Doing this also helps to thin the layer of paint so that it is flush with the car and dries instantly. Next all you need to do is blend the repair in with the rest of the paintwork using their special blending formula and an old rag.</p>

<p>Dr ColorChip kits can be ordered online and they come with everything you need to complete a home paint repair job. They also are very helpful and can help find the correct color for your car, as some car manufacturers put the paint code in different areas.</p>

<p>Keeping up the appearance of your car as little chips and dings appear, will go a long way in keeping your car looking its best and help maintain a fair resale value. You can do it yourself easily and inexpensively, go online and check out the kits; you'll find exactly what you need to do the job right.

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