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Car rental companies have some interesting names - Autos - Cars

<p>Car rental companies have some interesting names. Enterprise brings to mind hard work, while Budget and Dollar bring good value to mind. Thrifty may have the best name of all. People who manage money well are thrifty. Saving money, spending it only when necessary and then spending it well, those are good things. In other words, to be thrifty.</p>

<p>Thrifty began in the car rental business way back in 1958. In the 1980's it went public, then was purchased by Chrysler in 1989. Then it was merged with another rental company, Dollar. With one of the best known brands in the world, Thrifty continues to be tops in the car rental industry. Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep cars make up its fleet.</p>

<p>Thrifty operates some other car related businesses. It's a car seller too, for its older fleet cars. The first impression of such cars is they would be in bad shape, long abused by people who only drive them for a short time. While some cars are abused, the majority of the vehicles from a rental fleet like Thrifty's are well cared for. These cars are cared for on a tight schedule, unlike used cars from private owners who often don't maintain them. Fees for damage and abuse keep renters honest when it comes to caring for the car. Rental company cars are, therefore, generally in better shape than most other used cars.</p>

<p>Thrifty also owns long term airport parking lots. Travelers who drive to the airport often need a safe place to keep their car while they're out of town. Long term parking offers this facility at a reasonable price. Many airports have Thrifty parking lots near them.</p>

<p>Some other elements of Thrifty's past are interesting too. Thrifty originally rented Volkswagen Beetles at a time when they weren't too common in the United States. The Beetle cost $6 a day to rent. Miss Thrifty was introduced in attempt to attract single males. She was a young, good looking woman who would shuttle customers to Thrifty's facilities near the airport. Perhaps most interesting of all was Miss Thrifty wore Scottish plaid.</p>

<p>Thrifty car rental is an important business. But it has a weird and wild side also. Maybe they'll offer a free upgrade if you don a kilt.

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