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Tips for Cheap Car Rentals in Canada - Travel - Car Rentals

<p>Residents or tourists in Canada often have to avail the services of a car rental service. But those of you looking for cheap car rentals in Canada often get the short end of the stick in terms of service quality. Fortunately many of the hassles they face can be avoided if only they ask the right questions when they are actually hiring the car. Here is a list of questions you should always ask if you are looking for cheap car rentals in Canada.</p>

<p>1. Can you give me exactly the type of car I want? Often car rental agencies are vague when talking about the car you will be assigned, keeping details limited to basic categories rather than specific models. Insist on them telling you exactly what vehicle you are getting and how old it is.</p>

<p>2. What is your billing cycle? What if Im an hour or so late? If the agencys billing cycle is 24 hours and you are half an hour late, will you have to pay for a full day extra? This is very important to know because you may have to readjust your plans according to the rental agencies policy.</p>

<p>3. What do I do in case of an accident or a breakdown? This is crucial to know, especially if you are a visitor to Canada and dont know the emergency numbers or local laws. Plus you need to know if you will be given a replacement vehicle in case of a breakdown or accident.</p>

<p>4. What kind of insurance do you provide? Can I use my own automobile insurance? Insurance is very important when you are hiring a car. Make sure you have some kind of automobile insurance on your rented vehicle</p>

<p>5. What state do I have to return the car in? You need to know things like how much gas there need to be in the tank and how clean the car has to be when you return it to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness or fines.</p>

<p>6. Where do I have to return the car? Some companies require you return the car at their offices. Some may have a pickup policy from certain locations like the airport. Clarify where you need to return the car.</p>

<p>7. How much will I have to pay, in gross? Rental agencies sometimes try to trap you by giving you attractive rates but tacking on hidden fees and charges so that the amount billed is considerably more than your expectations. Avoid this by asking upfront about the total amount you have to pay and what exactly the variables are.</p>

<p>Cheap car rental in Canada is not difficult if you know the right questions to ask. Hope you have a wonderful trip through the friendliest country in the world!</p>


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