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Car "beauty" to a new car for the heat of summer Liang Yan - automotive beauty, car mainte - News - Business News

<p>Summer for a new car for Liang YanSummer, both automotive beauty maintenance season is also the day the hand of many new car owners. In the past, many owners use some time in the car after the pair of Car For beauty treatments, but the reporter has learned from some owners there, and different from the past, many owners are now starting Jiangmen the first time for a new car purchase "beauty business." Why such a change for the owners? Note new car, what beauty it? With these questions, this reporter interviewed 3M Automotive Beauty Products Jiangmen Wuyi total area Proxy ?? Archiver car beauty service Liao Rongguang general manager, asked him to answer questions about car maintenance related issues. Anti-heat: Bring summer coolness It Liaojing Li introduced the past, many owners believe that the state of the best new car, do not do body skin care, this is erroneous, in fact, older drivers are aware that car through the car to maintain the perfect beauty to extend the state
lower than the cost of repairing old cars, better, so the new car for skin care is a wise choice. Summer, just got into the car owners have a sauna feeling a lot. However, if you own car to do the right heat to maintain the feeling is different. It Liaojing Li introduced a new car is set to heat insulation to maintain the main proof membrane, insulation for explosion-proof membrane can effectively prevent glass flying, reduce the temperature inside the car, to prevent the hot sun, glare and saving energy effect. Explosion-proof membrane with 3M, for example, with good insulation properties, can significantly reduce the interior temperature. Anti-rust: Chassis maintenance of primary taskLiaojing Li said chassis maintenance is an important part of vehicle maintenance, he said, new car factory, the chassis manufacturer will carry out anti-rust treatment, but using the technology and materials generally can not guarantee the chassis students within 2 years rust. So far, a varie
ty of chassis Jiangmen optional armor products to 3M's chassis armor products, for example, using multi-layer coating material covering the various components of the method, so that water has a rust, wear elastic properties of the various effective distribution of component materials, improve the structure of the reasonable protection and durability. Liaojing Li explained that the new car "chassis armor" hybrid spray coating can often achieve more than four, about the thickness of up to 34 mm; construction of the surface was dark gray after that pressure flexible, easy to scratch, and will not cracked, peeling, like a car chassis to put a layer of armor, in addition to rust and corrosion, the more resistance to gravel impact and achieve the sound insulation effect. Car paint: "Maintenance" concept to replace "Maintenance" conceptMaintenance on the car finish has started, in addition to waxing, sealing glaze common process, the lacquer coating of this new technology has also
been adopted by many Jiangmen owners. Liaojing Li introduced to maintain the traditional finish to "protect" the main common waxing, sealing lacquer or enamel based paint occurred infiltration of Cooperation To upgrade paint with light, which greatly affect original paint, paint coating and the latest technology to "maintenance" as the core, "film" in the form attached to the paint, will not cause paint damage while avoiding the protective agent of the paint itself. To finish crystal film, for example, a lacquer coating is valid up to one year. The lacquer coating is based on the original paint in the paint film formed on the surface layer of high hardness and protect paint, does not affect the original car color and gloss. Clever in odor Decoration Liaojing Li to imply that, in order to protect its own interests, should be selected well-known or familiar brand automotive beauty shops, a regular dealer brand shops have power of attorney, can the brand's official website and
telephone inquiries to the dealer.

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