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Do Not Buy New Cars - Save Money With Used Vehicles - Autos

<p>Everyone can rhyme off a dozen reasons why buying a new car is a great idea, so this article pours a little bit of rain on the new car parade.</p>

<p>Anyone getting a new car for the first time should be made aware that insurance rates for many new cars are higher than for older ones, even if it's the same model. First of all, a new car is much more likely to be stolen. Secondly, the cost of repairs or replacement are higher, obviously because of the higher value of the car, and the need to use brand new parts only on recent vehicles.</p>

<p>We should also remember some of the acute anxieties associated with buying a new car. As anyone who has ever bought one knows only too well, it is a matter of days, if not hours, before some blockhead will drive up too close to your new car and bash his or her door edge into a gleaming side panel. Perhaps we should convince auto manufacturers to coat their cars with heavy teflon.</p>

<p>The used car lot is where the true automotive bargains are to be found. Finding the true 'best buys' is no easy feat, though; it is a search requiring lots of investigative work, and lots of patience.</p>

<p>Buying the perfect used car also means being able to pounce on a good buy without a moment's hesitation, or it will fell into someone else's hands. Whereas most new car buyers would boast that facing a new car salesperson is not for the faint of heart, the trials of dickering on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of a new vehicle is pure child's-play for those of us initiated into the search for the perfect used conveyance.</p>

<p>The world of used vehicles is governed by a guiding general negative principle subjected to the vagaries of individual circumstance and common sense which help make matters better.</p>

<p>A used vehicle is one which its previous owner did not want any longer: but, it may be that the automobile was no longer wanted because the lease was up, or the car rental agency renewed its fleet; but, it may be that the previous owner needed a different type of car for whatever reason other than lack of enjoyment or reliability; but, it may be that the first driver simply wanted that 'new car smell' back, but didn't want it in a spray can.</p>

<p>All of these 'buts' point to instances where cars, although no longer wanted by the initial users, have lots of happy kilometres left to give. Put simply, this means that there are thousands of perfectly good, reliable, reasonably-priced used cars on the market at any given point in time.</p>

<p>Because these vehicles are 'pre-owned', they have gone through the major initial depreciation, allowing for reasonable prices. Many are in excellent mechanical condition. If bought from a reputable dealership, many come with good warranties too. For those of us who are unconcerned with the need to have a new car, for what-ever reason, the advantages of buying a used vehicle far outweigh the disadvantages.</p>

<p>Since depreciation levels off in the third year, and repair costs do not begin serious escalation until after the fourth year, the perfect car buy is somewhere in the middle.

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