Rabu, 18 September 2013

New Cars Vs Used Cars - Travel - Car Rentals

<p>In the present day car market, you will find a number of new cars, as well as, used ones available for sale. With so many stylish and advanced cars available in the market, choosing the best car for you becomes really hectic and challenging at times. However, there are certain key factors which can help you to find the best car for your purchase.</p>

<p>It is true that your requirements, preferences and budget are the main factors that must be taken into account, while looking for a car for purchase. But at the same time, other factors such as depreciation, insurance, market reputation etc, should not be overlooked.</p>

<p>Buying a new car from a reputed car sales company is definitely an overwhelming and exciting experience. But for people with limited finance, used cars are not a bad option either. In fact, the second hand car market has grown to such an extent that today you can find all the latest models of cars, offered at cheap prices. If you perform a detailed search, then you can easily find a suitable used car for sale.</p>

<p>Deciding to buy a used car also proves to a smart step if you consider the depreciation rate of new cars. Depreciation is the reduction in the capital value of a given asset. In case of cars, the depreciation rate is very high, which is about 20 to 30%. A new car starts losing its value as soon as it is out of the showroom. A car becomes second hand, even if it's just a month old. Therefore it will be available at quite a lesser price compared to its original price. The older the car, the cheaper price it will be sold at. Hence, the second hand cars prove to be more cost effective.</p>

<p>Another factor which affects the car buying decision of a number of people is the insurance amount. If you plan to buy one of the latest Suzuki cars, instead of a second hand Honda, you will have to spend a larger amount in the insurance. This is because a new car's insurance amount is higher than a used car.</p>

<p>No matter whether you finally decide to buy a new car or a used car, it is important that you collect all important information about the car's performance and reputation in the market, so that you do not regret later. Arrive to a final conclusion after evaluating all the factors very closely.

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