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Euro Tail Lights: How to Choose the Right Lights for your Car - Autos

<p>The term euro tail lights may actually refer to a few different kinds of aftermarket parts. At one point in time the term referred to that high-end look that was only available on the upper-market European cars. Traditional euro tail lights are those with the rounded surrounds that cover the bulbs. As the market grew for these lights as an aftermarket part however, the term may now refer to: LED lights, clear tail lights, altezza tail lights, and more.</p>

<p>Whatever you call them, one thing is quite clear. Adding a set of these custom lights to your car can add a whole new look to the rear of your vehicle. With most models, the stock lights tend to be designed to be just functional, where a euro tail light is designed to be function and to look good as well.</p>

<p>With the term referring to so many different types of lights choosing the right light can be quite intimidating. By paying attention to the details you'll make the task of finding and ordering, the right set of lights, that much easier on yourself.</p>

<p>A Bit more about Euro Tail LightsBefore we get to selecting lights for you vehicle, let's cover a little more about some of the styles of taillights that you can buy. You'll find euro tail lights with different colored housings, with different styles of bulbs and lenses, and with other minor differences.</p>

<p>They can really be broken up into four main groups, all of which cross over into the term euro tail light.</p>

<p>1. Altezza Tail Lights - An altezza light is named after the car it was originally seen on. This type of tail light includes multiple bulbs usually separated by rounded ports that surround each bulb.</p>

<p>2. LED Tail Lights - As an alternative to traditional bulbs, an LED light includes many smaller LED bulbs. This style of euro tail light can sometimes be made to have special effects, such as an actual LED-lit arrow as a turn signal.</p>

<p>3. Clear Tail Lights - The term clear tail lights really refers to any light that has a clear cover and a chrome background. Any style of euro light may be considered a clear tail light if it has these qualities.</p>

<p>4. Smoked Tail Lights. - Again a smoked tail light may be any type of euro tail light. In this case, the lens is usually smoked to cover up everything but the bulbs themselves. It may also refer to a light that has a black housing inside the light.</p>

<p>Euro Tail Lights for your CarWith a better understanding of the term euro tail lights, let's talk about the easy way to select the right ones for your ride. It really isn't rocket science, but taking some time to consider will help you choose a better match.</p>

<p>1. You're Car - One factor in choosing the right type of light is the car itself. For example if you have a lot of chrome on your vehicle, you'll likely want to look at clear tail lights. A darker car with no chrome would be better suited to a smoked light.</p>

<p>2. The Style of Light - The style of the light should also be considered. An LED light, for example, wouldn't necessarily look right on an older car (assuming they were available anyway). On the other hand an altezza style light will fit most models and look good.</p>

<p>If you need help getting deciding, spend some time on site like our own. Check out the different styles of euro tail lights, and look at what's available for your car. Pictures really are worth a thousand words in this case.</p>


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