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How To...Buy New Cars - Autos - Cars

<p>Purchasing new car is hard enough without having to deal with the sales pressure from a car salesman. It's no big secret that almost every car dealer can be talked down on the initial price thay want for a car. </p>

<p>So if you decide to buy new car, we'll help you determine what kind of cars is right for you and how best to negotiate a car purchase. Before you head out to the car showrooms with your checkbook in hand, evaluate your reasons for buying a new car. Find out the base price of each car you are interested in. The more you know about the actual cost of, the less you will have pay for it. </p>

<p>Before entering the dealership Before you step foot on a dealership lot, there are several things you need to think about, including what type of vehicle you can afford, what type of car is right for you, whether you should lease or buy, and what your credit history consists of. Once you decide on type of car you need it is time to do your research to narrow down the choices. A number resources on this site can provide you comparison information rating the vehicles within specific categories. Compare such areas as safety, reliability, fuel economy, warranties, operating costs, theft rates, general features, and options when making you decision. Getting ready to buy new car Do your homework first and make much wiser decision before you buy new car. To determine ahead how much negotiating room you have on basic cars and extra options, draw up awork sheet for each type of new car you considering. Using updated price lists available from above sites, write down the dealer's co
st and list price, for the particular make, model and trim line. For each car, list the options you want, describing them with the invoice number. Also before you decided to buy new car, write down the dealer's cost and the list price. Look up the destination charges for that car, and include this in both the dealer's cost and the list price, since there is no murkup. The destination charge is the cost the dealer pays to get the new car to the dealership. Now compare the dealer's cost and the list price for that car. The difference is your negotiating room. Do the same thing with each of the options. You may be able to negotiate on individual options before you buy new car.</p>

<p>Do yourself a favor: go to An ex-car guy teaches his daughter how to buy a car then writes a HOW-TO book for the rest of us. Great book.</p>


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