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Cars Make A Powerful Social Statement - Autos

<p>Many people try to incorporate many tools in their life to achieve a higher rate of success in the business world. They surround themselves with the right people who have access to the right connections and prefer to purchase cars that make a powerful social statement without being brought into the conversation at a dinner party or anywhere else for that matter.</p>

<p>The car that a person chooses to drive will reflect many things about the driver and business people know this and make their automobile selections accordingly. Some young business executives might choose to buy an automobile that seems fashionable but does not fit with the personality of the driver. The car may be out of salary range and could upstage the person from receiving a raise or promotion.</p>

<p>This is a critical flaw that many young executives make because bosses recognize the character difference almost immediately and know that the car is a bad choice and this error will not go unnoticed. While making a dramatic social statement, it might also come across as an error in judgment that makes a boss begin to wonder what other mistakes the person has made that have not come to their attention yet.</p>

<p>Not only can a new car make a powerful statement about a person, but it can also serve as a double edge sword that makes people wonder about how honest an individual is. An accountant might be considered a wise investor if they had purchased a mid-sized automobile, but if the same person chose to buy an expensive luxury car that exceeded the income they made, people might think that the books were being adjusted to allow the person to make such a high car payment each month.</p>

<p>Any person can own an attractive automobile and impress many people with the interior features and colorful exteriors. That positive social statement can be instantly ruined if the person is not the type who schedules the new car to be cleaned and detailed on a regular basis. Any automobile that presents a dirty appearance will reflect negatively on a car owner because people might choose to believe that the person is too lazy to make such decisions.</p>

<p>The most powerful statement that anyone can make with the cars that they drive is to treat the car with a sense of loving. People love to hear stories about the people that they met at the carwash. This tells people that the car is well taken care of and that the car owner is a sociable and very friendly person who will do well in the corporate world because they are willing to take reasonable chances and will be likely to make a good impression on future clients.


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