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Water Powered Car Makes Fuel Go Further and Saves You Money - Autos

<p>Water powered car makes fuel go further by making your engine more efficient at burning the gas or diesel that you put into it. This means that because your engine becomes much more efficient you save on your running costs because each gallon, litre, of fuel that you fill up with will take you a lot further.</p>

<p>That is good news especially if you don't have the extra money that it takes to buy a brand new hybrid car, which although are extremely fuel efficient repairs to such vehicles are not. They tend to be much more expensive.</p>

<p>A water powered car also has a couple of other advantages and one of this is that this technology uses a conversion kit that can be put in or taken out but that won't in any way change the normal workings of an engine. This of course means that the engines are as simple to repair as they currently are so the prices of repairs shouldn't change. Keeping in mind that using a water conversion kit actually prolongs the life of your engine you are in fact then able to save on both the running costs and the repair costs.</p>

<p>As the car is running the water that you use to power it breaks down fossil fuel molecules making sure that nearly 100% of the fuel is burnt in the engine and is used to power the vehicle itself rather than 75% being emitted as exhaust fumes. Your added bonus with a water powered car is that the water that is used to break down fuel also acts as a steam cleaner for your engine. This means that your engine is constantly being cleaned, kept in good working order and is less noisy.</p>

<p>For more information on converting your car into a water hybrid visit my HubPage /hub/BEAT-CRAZY-GAS-PRICES today.


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