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<p>When looking for a credible and reliable car rental company, Enterprise car rental always comes to mind. Enterprise is a private company owned and operated by the Jack Taylor family. Jack Crawford Taylor founded Enterprise in 1957, and today in terms of sales, Enterprise is considered to be the largest car rental company in North America having over 7,000 offices in local neighborhoods. The company was named after the USS Enterprise because founder and owner Jack Taylor a highly decorated pilot was aboard this aircraft carrier.</p>

<p>Enterprise car rental focuses on the local car rental market and it has more than 5,399 local market locations and 419 airport locations. 91% of Enterprise transactions are from the local market. Consumers who need car replacement due to theft, long mechanical repair, accident or consumers who require a vehicle for special occasion such as a short business or leisure trip are the one's being catered by Enterprise. In the late 1990's Enterprise started to expand its operations in the airport market with 419 airport locations having 9% of all enterprise transactions. Enterprise is not only serving airports here in the United States but is now serving airports in Canada, the UK, Germany and Ireland. Proving that language is not a barrier.</p>

<p>With the current demand for a healthy environment Enterprise rental has launched the Carbon Offset program where consumers who are concerned of the environment can rent hybrid cars. CO2 as we all know by now is the large contributor to the ozone layer depletion and enterprise with the health of the environment on mind is continually searching for ways to limit the CO2 emission. During the first year of this program 175,000 customers chose to use participate in this program.</p>

<p>Enterprise car rental has consistently been one of the top companies in the United States. It has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates (a firm that conducts customer satisfaction) seven times for its customer service, and in 2007 Enterprise was ranked number nine on Business Weeks top 25 companies customer service list.</p>

<p>Not only is Enterprise one of the leading car rental companies in the United States because of its commitment to giving the best quality of service this company is also geared to employment. This company believes that the more branches or divisions they create the more chances of hiring people. With the current economic situation that we have employment is probably the only solution we can consider.</p>

<p>Operating a total fleet of around 1.1 million vehicles, Enterprise car rental has other business divisions which include Enterprise Car Sales, Enterprise Rent-A-Truck and Enterprise Fleet Management.</p>

<p>The history of Enterprise proves that and fair pricing, pure hustle and great customer service is a winning combination. When choosing to rent a car, don't forget to add Enterprise Rent a Car to your list. To find out more about this car rental company you can check out their web site. It Offers a great range of services and cars they will provide to you on your next purchase with them.


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