Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Will Buying A Red Car Make Your Atlanta Auto Insurance Go Up? - Insurance - Auto

<p>So you are wondering if your Atlanta auto insurance will cost more if you buy a red car. Maybe you have always believed that red cars cost more to insure than other colors. But is that a fact? What do you think about it? Is this typical auto insurance belief true... or false?An urban myth has been explained by some as a story thought to be true by those spreading it. It goes on to say that these myths are not necessarily false, but they many times are often distorted and embellished on over time. So is the idea that red cars are the most expensive color car to insure an urban myth?I'm sorry to disappoint you but a red automobile will not cost you more than a green, silver or any orange automobile for that matter. The funny thing though is that close to one fourth of the drivers polled recently believed that a red car would positively be more expensive to cover. How about you, what did you think?The odd thing is that when pricing an Atlanta insurance quote, the insurance co
mpany will not even ask you about the color of the car when they're preparing your quote! Instead they will ask you about what type of car it is, how old you are, etc.So where did this idea spring from? Many times the color red is thought of as a "power" color. It is frequently associated with fast driving, crazy teen age drivers. And while yes, their insurance rates will be higher than others... it's not because the car they chose happened to be red!Well how about you? Armed with this information you can now go out and get the red car of your dreams. And... don't worry about your insurance rates going up on you. Just remember to watch your speed and the laws of traffic and common courtesy and you will be just fine. If you don't be careful your Atlanta auto insurance rates will go up... but not because you bought a red car, but because of reckless driving habits!


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