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When searching for a new car make certain the basics are top of the line - Autos

<p>When searching for a brand new car or truck it is generally too easy to get caught up by the image of nice new paint and leather seats nevertheless it is very important that you be certain the car or truck looks just as good under the hood. There are lots of things that consumers typically overlook but makes a big difference over the life of an car. The cars alternator and battery are necessary to insure your car runs long and reliably but most times these are not given the proper attention when car shopping. Of course it can be very appealing to imagine a powerful engine roaring load as you speed across the motorway but you will never get to hear that motor if the car or truck battery or alternator fail you.</p>

<p>The automobile battery delivers power throughout your automobile and powers all the electrical devices. The cars alternator takes electricity that comes from the motor once it gets turned on. The electrical power transfers back into the automobile battery to recharge it. When the motor is turned on it runs off of your gasoline in the tank. The connection amongst your automobile battery, alternator, and motor are key for the dependable and smooth operation of the car or truck and are almost never taken into consideration when looking to buy a new automobile.</p>

<p>The weakest aspect of this connection is the automobile battery since it will be the most prone to fail. The automobile battery is continuously going through a process of oxidation to produce energy and deoxidation to gather energy. Shifting back and forth across both these processes puts a lot of strain on the battery. Every time it goes through one of these processes a little bit of conductive substance breaks away from the inside of your battery and gathers on the bottom. The effects of this are cumulative and over time the battery get weaker and can not hold its charge for as long. Additionally even if the car or truck is not being driven the battery even still goes through these processes and with no the engine moving it cannot recharge and should you leave it long enough you can find yourself having a dead car or truck battery.</p>

<p>The good news is the fact that a brand new era of car batteries have been constructed from Bosch and Halfords. Traditional car or truck batteries known as lead-acid batteries are constructed using a series of lead plates exposed in an acid solution. The acid reacts together with the lead and produces a chemical reaction termed oxidation. This is the reaction which generates the power which is required for the car. The issue with lead-acid batteries is that they have remained unchanged in the previous two decades. Now we have much better and more powerful resources that can deliver a more powerful charge and a slower depletion. Halfords and Bosch have designed a brand new line of battery which use a silver and calcium alloy in place of lead. The silver-calcium mixture is stronger and more conductive then the lead so they are able to incorporate thicker electrodes which slows the depletion and lessens the negative consequences of oxidation. Soon these batteries will totally
replace basic lead-acid batteries and soon even silver-calcium batteries will be replaced by something newer. Till then while thinking about a new automobile be sure you check below the hood.


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